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Reaper Bones 5: Enthusiasm and Commentary thread


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Sigh. So, I upped my pledge this morning on the theory that money may be a good deal tighter in 2021 if I’ve retired. One ship and a Dark Depths plus a core have been added, and there’s room for one more expansion. Nautical 5e campaign at my house in October 2021...

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2 minutes ago, pinkymadigan said:

Yes, but it takes time to go out, depending on the number of people it has to notify. But that should be when it starts.


It takes literally minutes to go out but it takes time for people to read their email if it does not go to spam first.

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2 minutes ago, AuralEntropy said:

Day 30 was ok for pledges, though we still fell short of Bones 4. Better news is we had more backers on this day than last KS. Hopefully a lot of new backers just putting in the base amount and getting ready to see what else they will add over the last few days. Based on previous Kickstarters we are still on track to beat the backers record, maybe even the total pledges if we can get this thing rolling a bit faster. 


The end surge has been slow in coming, I have to say.  That has me a little worried - if today isn’t a $150k+ day it will be disappointing.


I think this is in part because Reaper did a great job getting the word out beforehand this time.  The first couple of days were so big, a lot of those pledgers just got in earlier this time maybe.


I’ll be watching this closely throughout the day for sure.


Thanks again for posting the charts, and @Crowley for the hourly summaries!

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9 hours ago, Dan Goodchild said:


It's not often that one sees such intelligence coupled with that level of "colourful metaphors".

Not really.  There is a known correlation of intelligence and the use of colorful metaphors.

What's rare is those two along with a good sense of comedic timing and human insight driving the use of those colorful metaphors. 

4 hours ago, Maledrakh said:

I have come to the conclusion that what we need is a giant big enough to wear The Ship as a hat, like in Time Bandits


A special "bike helmet" add on that the ship could attach to would be all that is needed. 

2 hours ago, TGP said:

$100 is a pricey hat. 

Have you seen the price of a quality cowboy hat? 

1 hour ago, Skallabjorn said:

I am fairly sure I saw a statement from Reaper that they would be using the Kickstarter number for the Loot Golem unlock. 

Yep - they specifically told me that in a reply to one of my posts about our backer status compared to all the other Bones KS.   

There is a difference between the Kicktraq number and the KS number for 3 of the 4 Bones projects. 

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Regarding the ship/hat thing, back on New Year’s Eve in ‘93, friends of mine hosted a “Come as your favorite Magic card” themed party, so I built and wore the Pirate Ship as a hat...






As cardstock, it was troublesome enough. I’m not sure about 4 pounds of Bones....

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Despite Crhis Palmer's best efforts to increase my morale, I'm sure I'm not gonna see this remaining two dragons :down:

Too many stuff to unlock yet, and this isn't going fast enough by far. 


Yes, I know, it will increase. I'm just a pessimist through and through. 

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Less than 30k

T- 6 for the rush

Numbers are jumping in my screen, does KS have some fancy real-time script for money rate exchange? I mean my display is going up and down, but the dollar amounts is not...meh, all is good 

@NyarlaBcn hum... "Siempre es más oscuro justo antes del amanecer" I don't remember the right phrase in english, but hang there buddy, reaper seems to love their big honking Dragons as much as you, i'll bet (not that I actually will do it, you know) that they will drop the biggest elfin' dragón you can carry in no time!

(C'mon reaper...for the kids and stuff!)

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15 minutes ago, kristof65 said:

That just means you won't be unreasonably disappointed if we're wrong, and will be quite happy if you're the one who is wrong. 


Yes, that's the beauty of pessimism ^^ 


On the other hand... C'mon Reaper, make them a conjoined Add-on, call it "Fire and ice" or something even more subtle and charge 28$ for the couple!

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I don't have time to catch up on this thread right now, but has anybody done the comparison to see if the Sea giant (from Dark Depths) is wearing / wielding wreckage from the giant ship model (Cool name TBD) as shoulder guard / weapons? They look pretty similar. Are they the same size/scale?


It doesn't matter much, but it would be a cool tie-in.

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