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Reaper Bones 5: Enthusiasm and Commentary thread

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5 minutes ago, Kro said:

@Dan Goodchild

A high level gantt chart would go well with your infographic, especially to show how much time 5 and 6 take, and that it's happening for 300+ minis. 



Hmm… wouldn't that bring back the problem of being too specific? Or am I overthinking what you have in mind?

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3 minutes ago, criticalhit said:

I want the Halloween additions to the Core Set, but I don't want to buy the whole Core Set. ANGRY FACE.


They should be available as separate add ons like all the other Core Set minis. 


Also they are already available in metal, if that’s an option for you. 


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Just now, criticalhit said:

I want the Halloween additions to the Core Set, but I don't want to buy the whole Core Set. ANGRY FACE.

I'd wager there will be a good chance they could go on sale late september or early october 2021 ;)

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4 minutes ago, Dan Goodchild said:



Hmm… wouldn't that bring back the problem of being too specific? Or am I overthinking what you have in 

Possibly, i was thinking something vaguely like this with the colors matching your descriptions put at the bottom of your graphic. No dates need to be added to it (please excusethe terrible finger drawing, best i could do on the phone) 


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1 hour ago, kristof65 said:

So I just went back through the updates at the end of the Bones 4 campaign to see what some of the "special" unlock points were:

Core Set Extras were not added until 4 days before the end of the campaign (update 55)
at 46 hours to go, Fantasy Scenics were added as an additional stretch goal along side the previously revealed Blacksting at $2.21M (update 58)
Update 60, which announced the unlock of a core add-on at  $2.29M  also added the Blacktooth terror add-on stretch goal along side the previously revealed Stones Tiles add on at $2.38M
at 30 hours to go, Dance of Death was added along side the Blacktooth Terror and Stones Tiles add on at $2.38M (update 61)
At the $2.38M unlock, a core addition AND the skeletal dragon add on were announced for $2.48M (update 62)

at 24 hours to go, Treebeard was added to the $2.48M stretch goal. (update 63)
at 21 hours to go, Fan Favorites part one was unlocked (update 64)

Update 65 announced the unlock of the $2.48M goal. Nothing new was revealed in this update. 

Update 66 revealed a core addition stretch goal at $2.63M
Update 67 unlocked the $2.63M core addition, and announced the Stygian Barge pt 1 stretch goal at $2.8M

at 6 hours to go, Fan Favorites part 2 was unlocked (update 68)

Update 69 unlocked Stygian Barge pt one at $2.8M and announced the Stygian Barge pt 2 stretch goal at $3M
at 3 hours left, Nyarlathotep was announced as a $2.9M stretch goal (update 70)
Update 71 unlocked Nyarlathotep, and announced the addition of the Argent stretch goal at $3M along side Stygian Barge Part 2
at 90 minutes to go, Fan Favorites part 3 was unlocked (update 72)

at one hour to go, Sophie and Friends was added as a Core Stretch goal of $3.1M (update 73)
at 40 minutes to go, Fan Favorites part 4 was unlocked (update 74)
update 75 announced the unlock of the $3M stretch goals of Argent and Sygian Barge pt 2
at 15 minutes to go, the Talin Art Book add on was unlocked (update 76).
update 77 was the close of the KS at  $3.051M, and Reaper added the Sophie and Friends to the core anyway, even though the $3.1M goal had not been reached. 

Now, we can't assume that they'll do the same things at the same points this time, but I thought it would be helpful for people to see this. 


Thank you so much for breaking this all down!  I scanned through the B4 updates last night but didn’t have time to put it all together.


I first looked at the B4 maps and realized there were MANY things not even shown.  I think only Darkreach pt1 was even on a map.


I think once the pace of pledging accelerates, it’s just not possible to keep up, so they just started setting SGs $100k+ apart, unlocking multiple things per SG, and unlocking things without even having posted a SG for them ahead of time.

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