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Reaper Bones 5: Enthusiasm and Commentary thread


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I'm still hoping that Reaper will make their own version of Heroforge someday.


But in regards to the kickstarter... I'm excited to see what the Asian xpack will have.  There's a serious lack of Bones figures for Monks and such, and although I don't usually have asian themes in my games I've always thought the Monk class should get more representation than it does.  Also, more Kenku minis would be awesome.


I'm getting the Townsfolk option for sure, but I still wish they would make some townsolk with more race variety in it.  I want a Dragonborn Innkeep, a Catfolk merchant, etc.

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My day one wishlist.  Looking forward to today's reveals!


Catfolk x2



Dragonfolk x2

Dragon Bust x6


Paints 1

Encounter: Bridge Troll's Toll

War Mammoth


Basically just filling some holes in my collection.  That and this war mammoth is way cheaper than one in a recent KS and looks BA.

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15 hours ago, Sanael said:

And the DD expansion looks like a really solid "D&D Adventure for 1st through 6th Level Characters." I really want to write that mini-campaign. It's a great low-level progression

Check out the 3.0 D&D modules The Sunless Citadel and Forge of Fury (both updated to 5e in Tales From the Yawning Portal).  You have almost everything you need to run those two modules in the Dungeon Dwellers expansion.  Just tack on a few undead skeletons and zombies, and you're good to go.


Apologies to the sculptor, since I know he's been following the thread, but that catoblepas... Yeesh!  Not a fan.  I was excited when "catoblepas" first showed up on the progress map, but once it was shown... I'm disappointed it'll be taking a slot in the core.  I'll be selling that on eBay the day my Bones 5 arrives.  I'm sure someone will want it.  But not I.

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3 minutes ago, StarFyre said:

awww so the catoblepas' base is attached? :(


Still want it. but more work to remove it later.



its bones, that's what a good set of snippers are for. even if it was detached you would still have to clip the tabs that held in into the base.


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1 minute ago, Kangaroorex said:

its bones, that's what a good set of snippers are for. even if it was detached you would still have to clip the tabs that held in into the base.


tabs are fine cause can use those to fit into a new base (depending on the new base).  depending on the thickness, etc i've found that it can warp where the base attaches a bit. yes, not a huge deal but still annoying. 


bases should never be pre attached IMHO 



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