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Reaper Bones 5: Enthusiasm and Commentary thread


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“Meat” is a separate mini?


I’ve been looking forward to that Pilot mini.  It’s an awesome sculpt from the previews I remember seeing somewhere before.


@Rainbow Sculptor - is some of your work in here, and/or are you working on some on the ones in concept art?  I see lots here that looks right up your alley.

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1 minute ago, AuralEntropy said:

Ok, we're nearing the end, so here is a mid day 31 update, including adjustments to the core (+2 minis) and Brinewind 2.








Clear inflection point from ~yesterday in both backers and pledge $.  Also, today looks flat because it’s up-to-now compared to all of yesterday.  By end of day, today should look like a huge jump.

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