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Reaper Bones 5: Enthusiasm and Commentary thread

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2 minutes ago, zip_zap_rap said:

Just timing out over and over


switch to a different wave, it was happening to me too until i switched 

1 minute ago, PeterBenjaminParker said:

Whew! Got Wave 1 and backer #1


Is there a reward? Maybe I’ll pat myself on the back and go play a video game while I wait for the stretch goals to reveal themselves.


Although it is ultra fun to watch the pledge counter fly up!!


reward is you get wave 1 :P i was there when there were 0 backers and never got one of those wave 1 spots, now i'm wave 2

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A couple good dragons already.  I think I am most excited about the dragonfolk currently.  I think this will be the first time I don't get a core set, not that anything is wrong with it.  I just am a bit more picky with the massive collection I have accumulated.

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Not a Happy Camper.When I went to the payment page I was Wave 1 two digit reservation.

Server evidently crashed hard.:grr:

Multiple refresh - No Joy.:angry:

Tried to pledge for wave two, couldn't even get off the pledge page.

I'm on wave 3 and it finally went through.::(:

I'm going to have a very sour taste in my throat all day long.


I'll be on the road all day, play nice.

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I just went straight in with the $1 wave 5 pledge and got through without a hiccup   The way I see it, even if I was US wave 1 there will be ebay sellers with posts up before mine ships anyway.

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Yeah lag issues made it tricky. Got my Wave 1 at least. There were 1000 left when I first hit it, zero when processed. 



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I'm in wave one. Not that it matters in the UK :mellow:


Really enjoying the madness, I've got three device going so I can watch the counter, twitch and forum ::D:

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