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Reaper Bones 5: Enthusiasm and Commentary thread


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24 minutes ago, redambrosia said:

See, Dino pirates make sense though. Because pirates accept all sorts of folks, don’t care what you are, as long and you want to sail, can do the work, and don’t get in the way of everyone’s stabby-shooty funtimes. 

Ooo! Nice display piece! I may have to get a couple for gifts!


I’d dig it if there were even three themes. The large muscle guy seen with Santa is from their super hero’s, so supers would be great. Pulp or diesel punk would be great. Just have some good groupings!

On Chrono, THIS! Give us some theme to work with!

And dinopirates? That gave me a smile.

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28 minutes ago, redambrosia said:


Ooo! Nice display piece! I may have to get a couple for gifts!

This actually is a thing I'm worried about. The image looks like this is a "display piece," i.e. one fully assembled piece. I know the these ladies were sculpted as separate pieces, but some people who don't know might assume it's just one piece and not get it because they think it isn't "gameable." A few pics of the individual minis would help this.


I love the big display base, though. Super excited!

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1 hour ago, TripleH said:



One of my players (and my co-backer) said he wants me to get this set.  "We need to have a lot of battle and other scenes right there."


I'm sure it has to do with his desire for more "hand waved" encounters in our game (we do not go into details on behind-doors brothel encounters).


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