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Reaper Bones 5: Enthusiasm and Commentary thread


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14 minutes ago, Darsc Zacal said:

Not to nitpick... But it was Calgary not Vancouver where the crate for the Western provinces was sent.


Ok. So I did nitpick.

Ah, did not know.  So what you're saying is I would have been like... Fourth to get my package since I don't live that far away from there, had I gotten in on Bones 4.  Gotcha.

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1 hour ago, WhiteWulfe said:

If they do what they did last Kickstarter, all Canadian orders will be picked and packed seperately from the US into two shipping crates, with one going to Vancouver (to ship to the western provinces) and one going to I think it was Ontario (to ship to the Eastern provinces).  Since they were all picked at the same time, wave number did not matter for us.

ahh ok

i did miss that or wasnt paying attention to discussions on it.


even though im near toronto, i ship to a friends rented storage box in buffalo at the CBI warehouse. Less shipping etc that way.

ppl ship tires, cars, etc to that location.


friend goes monthly to pick up stuff for everyone, pays duties if applicable, and then drives them back and we sort out what we owe him here :)


Right now, shipping to canada is $60 it estimates but for buffalo it says $30.



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1 hour ago, Bane Of Humanity said:

Because CANADA...gets their broccoli before everyone else.

Not really. Not true. 


Canada’s orders leave the factory after Australia, but before the US Wave1 orders. That is not the same as getting their....stuff


Who gets their stuff first depends on the performance of a multitude of shipping services and postal systems. 


Reaper is doing their level best to ship in an order that comes as close as possible to simultaneous arrival times for everyone. (That is an impossibility. but they are trying anyhow.)


Did you go away from keyboard (AFK) during Reaper Live yesterday when they Covered this?  Was that a different Baneofhumanity twitch handle I saw in the comments? 

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Number Based on 1400-1500 Reaper time today:     
Current Total Pledges:    $2,739,150
Current Total Backers:     17,533
Next Goal At    $2,745,000
To go to Next Goal    $5,850
Hours to next goal based on gains this hour:     0.6
Hours to next goal based on 24h Avg:     0.8
Gain in last Hour:     $9,722
New Backers This Hour:     37
Total Gain Today:     $108,061
Total Gain 24 Hours:     $180,618
Average Hourly Pledges Today:     $6,754
Average Hourly Pledges 24 Hours:     $7,526
Current Average Pledge:     $156.23
Average Hourly Backers Today:     12.9
Average Hourly Backers 24 Hours:     31.2
Previous Hour Total Pledges:     $2,729,428
Previous Hour Total Backers:     17,496
Backers to beat Bones 1    212
Hours to hit Bones 1 based on 24 hour average    6.8
Backers to beat Bones 2    -2570
Backers to beat Bones 3    -4068
Backers to beat Bones 4    -1335

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We were really surprised in Canada when everything actually arrived so darn early. It wasn't just that Reaper shipped the stuff out fast - the trucks BOOKED IT. And then they got out of the warehouses lickety-split. I expected another week or more from the time they hit the warehouse to get to me.


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