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Reaper Bones 5: Enthusiasm and Commentary thread


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Good evening all. Kicktraq seems to call it a day at 11pm EST, so here is your day 32 recap. 


We pushed passed the Bones 1 backer record and are looking good to easily surpass 18,000 backers. Let's hope that turns into a record last day, because we are going to need it to beat Bones 1 for pledges. Outside of the more unique late surge Bones 1, we need to eclipse the Bones 2 record last day of  $590,727 by about $1,500. Not out of reach, but it won't be easy.


Updated the value rating spreadsheet. Now includes the unlocked loot golem (Looks great!), chronoscope 1 and the ghoul queen pit.


Here's to a great last day (19 hours)!


Bones 5 KS - day 32 - pledged.png


Bones 5 KS - day 32 - backers.png



Bones 5 KS - day 32 - value.png

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Lots of good stuff while I was busy doing un-fun things (but I'll have central A/C come this summer and heat come Tuesday--so net gain?).

  • Ghoul Pit!  'Nuff said!
  • Loot Golem: Eh.  Not really my thing.
  • Wraith Riders!  THREE!  Now to get a Murkillor for Blacksting...
  • Sirens!  Not really my thing, but I'm pretty sure I want 'em.
  • Chronoscope!  Well, it's still scattershot (and repeats?), but the grouping is better.
  • Core Set!  This might actually be the first core set I get.  If I got all the expansions I wanted, I'm only a few bucks short of the core price anyway.  So, it's either get the core, or get trimming.

Now to recalc the budget...

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2 hours ago, Bane Of Humanity said:

They're ghouls not zombies....They dont rot they change.


In Lovecraft's stories, at least, they look more or less human enough at first, but devolve from there into something quite bestial as they reach adulthood and begin reveling in their innate ghoulishness.


In the mythology, they would be attractive enough to fool unwary travelers and trick them into getting close enough for the Ghuls to grab and drag into tombs to eat - the Ghul legends sounds suspiciously similar to the Rusalka, Sirens, deer woman, film noir Femme Fatales....


In the pulp literature, true to the spirit of exploitation, ghouls look like whatever will sell the most magazines:  luridly repulsive male ghouls, luridly sexy female ghouls with a hint of uncanny valley to them....


As long as we don't get too stuck on the word "ghoul", this sort of "captive of the savage women" thing was quite popular in pulps:







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1 minute ago, criticalhit said:

I can't tell 100% from the pic, but...are the ghouls topless?


Almost certainly topless, or close enough to being so that it might as well not matter.


That, too, was not uncommon in the pulps - I had a tough time finding a pulp cover that would rate a "PG" for the example above!

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7 hours ago, kristof65 said:

So I wonder what the reasoning is for the duplicates?  Is it because they feel those figures deserve Bones Black?

Or is it because this expansion got half-heartedly thrown together to stave off the torches and pitchforks? 


Those look like the early Bones figures that came out not so great in the original Bones material, not deserving the Bones Black treatment so much as NEEDING it.

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