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Reaper Bones 5: Enthusiasm and Commentary thread


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38 minutes ago, TGP said:
1 hour ago, Nunae said:

I'd really like for them to put out an Update/FAQ answer to the EU shipping question. Ron talked about it in Reaper Live, and apparently it's gonna ship out of their UK hub, unless Brexit actually happens, in which case they ship out of Germany. Since that Info isn't available and the whole Germany thing had a big "maaaybe" attached to it at the start of the campaign, the official update would help to get EU backers holding out on 1$ pledges.


You can replay the Reaper Live episode and listen to exactly what was said...


Reaper Live #055  scrub to 0:30:00.


You are suggesting make a near transcript of what Reaper Ed said and publish it on the KS site? & Send out an email blast?


I suggest making at least an answer in the FAQ section, better make an update that they secured their German shipping hub in case of Brexit. The "is this project EU friendly" question comes up a lot, and I guess even more people who just look at the project will look for that information and there isn't any in the FAQ. Shipping and Fees can really elf up your day with those KS's since you your total amounts are just too high to get by the customs office unnoticed.

I personally don't back projects without some sort of EU shipping concept anymore. Reaper HAS a concept for EU backing, according to Ron in the last Reaper Live, but it's not obviously advertised right now, so people who might just check out the KS page might pass on it.


Bones IV was scary in terms of UK shipping, they hung to their UK shipping facility with the Brexit date looming. If they had decided to ship everything through the UK again, come what may with Brexit, I'd also stayed on a $1 pledge and upped as late as possible, hopefully after the Brexit thing has been resolved. Now they have what we've all been asking for, an alternate facility to secure EU shipping, WHICH IS GREAT! Why don't they advertise that fact?


Edit: Also, yes, an Update on EU shipping with e-mail blast might help. The first statements on the German shipping hub was that it wasn't yet secured, so that it is now secured is a legitimate update and some people might wait for that kind of update. Not everyone stalks this KS and all the Reaper media channels obsessively.

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I'd love to see better images of the Ghoul encounter up on the KS page. That heroine looks like she could be fantastic,  if we could only see her,  and I love the general designs of the ghouls,  but they are just detail-free blobs. And the intricate detail of all those bones just looks lost. 


Expecting new backers to get excited by this kind of half-hearted image,  and to then trawl social media and forums for better looks, is crazy. 

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14 minutes ago, Skallabjorn said:





I think he meant "normal" people aren't wasting their time stalking the kickstarter.  Then again, how would I know, I'm obviously not normal anyway.


Crud, now we have to find something to do starting Saturday night!  Back to painting?  Can't wait to get those B5 boxes...

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Number Based on 0500-0600 Reaper time today:     
Current Total Pledges:    $2,887,466
Current Total Backers:     17,969
Next Goal At    $2,890,000
To go to Next Goal    $2,534
Hours to next goal based on gains this hour:     0.4
Hours to next goal based on 24h Avg:     0.3
Gain in last Hour:     $6,819
New Backers This Hour:     26
Total Gain Today:     $51,685
Total Gain 24 Hours:     $230,456
Average Hourly Pledges Today:     $7,384
Average Hourly Pledges 24 Hours:     $9,602
Current Average Pledge:     $160.69
Average Hourly Backers Today:     17.3
Average Hourly Backers 24 Hours:     30.9
Previous Hour Total Pledges:     $2,880,647
Previous Hour Total Backers:     17,943

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11 minutes ago, Chris Palmer said:

Think anyone’s awake at Reaper  Kickstarter  HQ.


For me, on Barcelona, this KS will finish on a pretty convenient time, around 11pm. 

You think this kind of stuff is under consideration when they prepare the KS? That it will finish on Saturday, what time it will be for their bigger market (US I guess), etc

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