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Reaper Bones 5: Enthusiasm and Commentary thread


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My KS purchase:


2x Core

1 ea of all 7 expansions

1 brinewind add on


PM purchases: probably, no, very likely, aw heck who am I kidding, at least one of each of the models (excluding busts), multiples of some (catapult, trebuchet, ballista, dragonfolk, rune wights, fantasy dinos, yokai).


615$ up front, another 600$ in pm +shipping. I am such a  tool.

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Top Posters In This Topic

55 minutes ago, Darcstaar said:

I propose a “Girl Power” expansion next Bones.  Nothing but new, fresh, dynamic models of females of all the PC races and various classes.  Level 2 and 3 would then be monstrous humanoid and monster female models. 


39 minutes ago, Sanael said:

I would actually love to see this as a PC issue, not just women.


Eight sculpts of each non-human race you can think of: four male, four female. Each set of four to consist of: An armored warrior, a lightly armored technician, a robed magic-user, and a fourth that makes sense for the race.


48 models in the expansion gives you six races. Tortles, firbolgs, Goliaths, gnomes, halflings and dragonkin?

And this would be a good idea for Chronoscope as well. One encounter for future, one for steam/dieselpunk one for Apocolypse.

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1 hour ago, Kro said:

Did that post with the rough valuation of all the sets get posted again after fan favorites,  brinewind 3, and brinewind extras were released?

I have not updated my spreadsheet yet if that is the one you are talking about.  It has been a busy weekend with family and the little time I had I finished up some painting. Hopefully I can find time later tonight. If not, tomorrow I will get it updated. 

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Just saw in the kickstarter comments, Izzy said that they got the final part of the artwork to Ron at 5:02, so right after close, and that they cannot confirm that this is "the nerdiest Sophie made so far"

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4 hours ago, Nunae said:


Yes, that kinda happened with the Bones IV expansion as well. Not sure what your idea was, but I'm also determined to become more spammy in my Fey wishes. ...


On the other hand, some ideas might be to elaborate to fit into an existing campaign. A bald rogue is one figure, but something like a Dark Carnival some people asked for (or Fey) really need multiple figures or better an expansion to get going. So if Ron liked your idea, maybe it's on an inspiration list for upcoming projects somewhere =)

The idea that Ron responded to was a simple one.  A large-sized Norse-like warrior.  He could be a stand-in for the god Thor, or another Thor-like deity (Greyhawk's Kord, etc.)  He would be useful to represent a Celtic-themed Barbarian character under the effects of an Enlarge Person spell*, and it would be a good stand-in for the old style (pre D&D 5e) Firbolgs, before they made them forest fey, but rather, back when they were red-headed giants.


* I also suggested making the same sculpt in normal Medium human size, so you could have a regular Human PC, and then the same one enlarged.


Nothing too outlandish, and it has a fairly broad application in terms of what it could be used to represent.


By the way, I'd be all over a Fey expansion.

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25 minutes ago, Cygnwulf said:

Just saw in the kickstarter comments, Izzy said that they got the final part of the artwork to Ron at 5:02, so right after close, and that they cannot confirm that this is "the nerdiest Sophie made so far"

And part of why it was turned in so late in the campaign is she's apparently rather swamped with work.   Which, for an artist, is usually a good thing, being in high demand and all that. 

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3 hours ago, Evilbookworm said:

So I have a problem.  Just went through, I want all 5 chromatics, the pirate ship, brinewind, fan favorites, the core set, the siege weapons, and a few other things.  That comes to about 600, I only did bones 4 beforehand and that hit 350. If I spend that much on miniatures, the adult half of my brain is going to torment me for months, even if I spread it out.  What's a guy to do?


Tell your adult half, "Sit down and shut up! You're boring!"




Seriously, though, if you can't afford to spend the money on Bones, don't. And if it's not fun to spend the money on Bones, spend it on something else. There's no obligation to spend to match what anyone else spends; it's not a competition.

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19 hours ago, YronimosW said:


Yeah, that price increase matches the premium commanded by Bones minis in the online shop exactly - it seems that Bones customers like the increase in quality that Bones Black adds, but not the extra cost!


I definitely feel like Reaper's reached the limits of their backers' ability to fund the project.  That's why I'm suspecting that new backers are the ones who are probably carrying this Kickstarter.  There were a lot of people saying they would sit this Kickstarter out because they had most of what they wanted already, and didn't have the money this time around.  And there were a LOT of backers who wanted in for a dollar now, but didn't want to commit to anything until after the Kickstarter ended, and still more backers who are making excuses not to spend money on expansions, encounters, etc.  I don't know how many of these backers have changed their mind or will before the very end - how much of those sorts of comments was just talk - but I can't help thinking that experienced backers really are spending less this Kickstarter.



There were some fantastic sculpts in this, including a lot of things that are either new or reworked in a stellar fashion (the Goroloth for example).  I too have a huge amount of painted minis that are being duplicated, but I'm particularly excited to have them in bones black - for the detail if nothing else. 


17 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Well that's it then.


Casualty - One Wallet


LOL, I feel you buddy.


17 hours ago, Pangolin d'AntEater said:

Correction 18586 Wallets!


Well you're not wrong!  I love that there were so many pledging, that number looks great.


15 hours ago, TheUncannyAK said:

Well, that was a fun adventure. I don't think I've been that invested in a Kickstarter before; I spent the final two hours watching those numbers rise! :lol:


For those of you who already know what you want, what did you decide on? I'm getting:

-Greek Odyssey

-Dark Depths


-Dwarf Encounter

-Ghoul Encounter

-Vampire Encounter

-Kid Heroes

-Storm Giant


-Gemstone Dragon

-And one of the large dragons, I just don't know which...


I also really like the Brinewind terrain, so that might find its way into my shopping basket. 


Agreed, this kickstarter was great and I was transfixed entirely too often.  Looks like your list has some great stuff on it!


3 hours ago, Evilbookworm said:

So I have a problem.  Just went through, I want all 5 chromatics, the pirate ship, brinewind, fan favorites, the core set, the siege weapons, and a few other things.  That comes to about 600, I only did bones 4 beforehand and that hit 350. If I spend that much on miniatures, the adult half of my brain is going to torment me for months, even if I spread it out.  What's a guy to do?


I agree with what most of the other guys have already responded with.  You're saving so much getting these through the kickstarter, it's almost like the paint and supplies for them is free (ok, I know that's justification but it's largely true).  Collecting at a super cheap price really does help free up monies for other things.  Since the next kickstarter won't be around for 3+ years and much of the bulk of this offering won't even be at retail until at minimum that far out, you're best served by investing while it's cheap.

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I would do the "Grrlll Power"° and "A Lifetime of Adventure"°° as two separate expansions. 


1st - Girl Power

Where possible, this should be a set designed and sculpted by women - in part to encourage women sculptors, in part to avoid pitfalls - encourage the sculptors to speak up if they think a character is venturing too far into the hallowed halls of Klee-Shay. 

Part One - Setup - 12-17 women PCs - a variety of classes, races, etc. Scour through the catalog, and see what hasn't got good representation here. Most are sensibly dressed, mid-tier characters - spellcasters wearing pants, etc. A handful - 3-4 maybe - of exceptions - characters in fancy dress clothes (with things like an obviously magical staff, or a pretty-but-practical dagger on belt, etc. to indicate 'this is a PC' instead of 'this is a high-style NPC'), a character in night clothes with a sword (obviously just woken... a midnight ambush!), things like that. All of the characters should look competent - but not all of them are Hollywood Adventurers - a zaftig sorceress in ball gown, an older warrior with a missing eye, things like that. Work against type and expectations where possible. Not every sorceress is young and beautiful, not every rogue is slender, not every fighter is attractive and whole of limb. 

Part Two - Opposition - "I bet monstuhs lead Iiinteresting lives..." - 8-12 obviously female monsters - count is lower because here's where the big is. Let's give Succubi and Mariliths a pass for this section - there's several of each in Bonesium already - unless something different can be done with them. Same with the various Grecian elements (Oreads, Nymphs, etc.) But there are still lamia, Ogres (it would be nice to see a beautiful ogress - most of them are... not.) - all sorts of creatures that have sufficient dimorphism between genders to be "obviously female" that nonetheless are poorly - or not - represented on the tabletop. 

Part Three - Denouement - this is where everything that didn't fit into the first two sections goes. Another 8-15 minis (depending on sizes) - again, all are women/female. Some of these can be a little silly, or more classically tropey, but avoiding the classic pitfalls is still important - if you're going to have a cheescakey mini, make sure they're still vital, active and competent looking - no fading wallflowers or helpless victims. If including  reprints from metals, or conversions to Bones Black, they go here. 


2 - A lifetime of Adventure

This one is actually somewhat easier, and in other ways lots harder. 

Part One - Setup - 16 28mm minis - 6 men, 6 women, 4 "non-gendered" (these can be androgynous, really non-human like insect-folks, dragonborn, or constructs, or something else). All of them are obviously starting out - "Tier 1" in D&D5e parlance. No fancy weapons, no plate armor, laden down with adventuring gear, practical clothing across the board - these are folks just heading out for their first few adventures. Where possible, look for non-Western European/Japanese clothing - let the concept artists go wild with Lithuanian peasant garb, or Ottoman armor, things like that. 

Part Two - Experienced - same characters, but now they're Tier 2-3 - these are experienced, hardened adventurers in the prime of their career - they've upgraded their gear, acquired some mementos (not all of them positive...), and generally just look more confident, experienced, and powerful - maybe some of them have companions they didn't have before (a good way to balance out the books in terms of value). 

Part Three - World-Shakers - Tier 4. Same characters - although some of them might barely be recognizable because of divine gifts (wings and such) or infernal blessings. These are powerful individuals - they hobnob with Halaster, take breakfast with the Blackstaff, and might sleep with Selune - and their minis reflect this. Jewels, crowns, obvious magic items, finery - some of them have given up wearing armor because they're too important - or too powerful and well-equipped - to bother, others still carrying some gear from back in earlier cuts. Some of the changes should be surprising - after all, Conan went from "a thief, a reaver, a slayer of men" to the king of one of the most powerful nations of Hyboria. 


°Likely not actually called this...


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Okay, so I suppose I should total up the damage to my wallet...


First, I am splitting a Core Set with one of my D&D players.  We had decided to do this before the KS started.  By the mid-way point it was already apparent that there were several miniatures we both REALLY wanted.  I had already made mental plans to get a second Core set for myself, and when the broke up the Core into extras, my suspicions were confirmed that it was just better for me to get a second Core set, than to piecemeal all the duplicates we wanted.


So, my friend is getting half of one Core set, and he also wants the Dungeon Dwellers and the Dark Depths expansions.


So he's in for $160.


Here's my planned expenditure... Keep in mind this is my first Kickstarter ever.


Half a Core Set (shared with friend): $60

My own Core Set: $120

Dragons Core Add-on: x3 = $45

Constructs: x2 = $24

Armory: x1 = $5

Gem Dragon: x4 = $16

Dragon-Lion: x4 = $20

Mounted Wraiths: x2 = $16

Dungeon Dwellers: $50

Greek Odyssey: $50

Dark Depths: $50

Fan Favorites: $50

Valfuryx (Green): x3 = $42

Dragon Folk: x2 = $20

Catapult: x3 = $18

Dragon Bust: x2 = $12

Aganzarax (Black): x3 = $42

Troll Bridge: $18

War Mammoth: x2 = $28

Ballista: x3 = $18

Goroloth: x2 = $12

Trebuchet: x3 = $24

Shavynra (Blue): x3 = $42

Storm Giant: x2 = $24

Spiders of Emrith Kul: $14

Krateryx (Shadow): 3x = $36

Rune Wights: x2 = $20

Arakoth: $10

Encounter at Gallowgard: $18

Dwarf King's Crypt: x2 = $40

Kalanzar (Red): x3 = $42

Pirate Ship: $100

Ildraedis (White): x2 = $28

Sirens: x2 = $24

Charnel Pit (Ghouls): $16

Shadows of Ravenhome: x2 = $28

Demonic Temptation: $12

Foerster's Favorites (paint): $18

Brinewind Extras: x3 = $75

Paints: $18

For-Sure Total: $1305



I'll get them if funds allow:

Daimyo: $50

Brinewind: $50

2nd set of Foerster's Favorites paint: $18

2nd set of Paints: $18

4th set of Brinewind Extras: $25

Sub-Total: $161


Duplicates I'll get depending on details/dimensions, and if funds allow:

3rd set of Shadows of Ravenhome: $14

2rd set of Demonic Temptation: $12

Sub-Total: $26


Grand Total: $1492


After $1492, KSB Snow Owl's party will sail the ocean blue.


After the addition of Fan Favorites, I'm not sure I can justify the Chronoscope expansion, but I may end up getting one with my player, and splitting it with him (he runs a monthly Call of Cthulhu game that I play in, so some of the pulp heroes would be good for him for that, and I just want to paint the steam punk people because they look like fun).  I suppose getting a Chronoscope expansion will really depend on if he wants to split one or not.


Reaper really did a great job of tying things together to draw more money out of me.  I wasn't going to get Emrith Kul, but since I wanted an Arakoth colossal spider... I might as well get the spider encounter to go with it...  I'm getting a Pirate Ship! ... I might as well get Brinewind... It will be useful in Sasserine, since the Pirate Ship drove me to go buy the last 12 issues of Dungeon Magazine and Dragon Magazine, so I can run the Savage Tide adventure path after this KS delivers...


My wallet is going to be hurting as I pay for this over the next 8+ months...

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I ended up in this at just about my absolute hard limit of $800, which is not quite twice what I've spent on most of the previous Kickstarters.  I'm with Evilbookworm, but comparing it to other hobbies is fair enough, and I'm also from a rural area like someone mentioned above, so it's fair to compare it to some of my more rural and introverted hobbies as well as some that other people might not think twice about.

  • Not a hobby so much as a necessity, but Bones V cost me less than a month of rent for my apartment.
  • I looked at my TV/Internet bundle, and had to wince - a few years of that, and this Kickstarter doesn't look too bad.
  • $800 could maybe fund a half-dozen or so first dates.  Fun, but that gets expensive fast!
  • I bought an older, used 4WD truck last month, and I'm working out the logistics and expense of upgrading the basic stereo with new MP3 player with backup camera and GPS, and maybe some offroad upgrades like a pushbar and lift kit, fog-lights, etc.  (I'm officially a hillbilly....)  Suddenly, my Bones V adventure looks kinda cheap!
  • A few years ago, I bought an entry-level 3D printer with enough accessories to get started.  That ended costing almost half as much as this Bones adventure, and I've only used it a few times - if I were as big into the 3D-printing hobby as most gamers who dabble in it, I imagine I could easily be pretty close to exceeding my Bones V expenses by now.
  • Two 4-day passes to Maryland Deathfest would add up to my Bones V expenses, if I add in the black concert T-shirts and band patches and other souvenirs, a few days of lunch in Baltimore, gas, and other expenses.

None of that really makes me feel better, though - it all makes me think about what life might be like if I didn't spend a lot of money on hobbies! 


Still, it does but Bones V in perspective....





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6 minutes ago, lowlylowlycook said:

Uh, that's a crazy number of minis.  Have you added it up?

Added up the number of mini's?  No, no I have not.  But now I want to.  I'll have to get to that later, though.


To be fair, I am fully planning to sell off some of the stuff (Daimyo dino people and oriental goblins, and some of the unwanted duplicates from Core, for example).  Probably enough that I'll eventually make a couple hundred bucks back.


Yeah, I'll be flush with mini's to paint for several decades.


A big part of what got me is the obvious D&D inspiration for most of the Dragons, etc.  I'm a long-time D&D DM, and expect I will continue to run a regular weekly game until I keel over.  I know there are several older individuals active in this thread, but I've not yet hit 40; I have a few decades to go, yet.  The only trouble these mini's will cause me is when it comes time to convince my wife to let me back Bones 6. :poke:

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