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Reaper Bones 5: Enthusiasm and Commentary thread


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16 minutes ago, Fnordlover said:

Isn't that the Brinewind Ogre Porter?

Well technically... Yes...


48 minutes ago, redambrosia said:

Wouldn’t a dire hireling just be a punk in a spiky coat? :blink:

Also yes, so your dire hireling will be a ogre/troll with a great bag straped, a club and a spiky skullcap... And a kitten in a pouch or somesuch...

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23 hours ago, Fnordlover said:

Isn't that the Brinewind Ogre Porter?



That was my first thought, yes. ::): (He may be my favorite humanoid mini in all of Bones V.)


*EDIT* It's the kitten that makes it. The ogre looks fierce, and grouchy, and there is this kitten, totally taking advantage of him. Like Sweetums from the Muppet Show, he is a much nicer ogre than he appears.


The Auld Grump

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^ That reminds me, has there been a ranking of people’s interests in the Expansion Sets in this thread yet? I’m interested to see which ones are the most and least popular here. 

Here’s mine:


1. Dungeon Dwellers: I’m new to Reaper and mini-collecting so this is a great opportunity for me to get a big selection of popular and useful figures all at once. 


2. Greek Odyssey: Greek mythology is a big interest of mine and these will be super-fun to have even if I never get to use them in a D&D game. 

3. Dark Depths: I’ve always wanted to play a heavily sea-faring based game and these would be perfect for that. 

4. Brinewind: Similar to above but loses points for having too many skeletons. 

5. Fan Favorites: A pretty much 50/50 mix of stuff that could be useful and stuff that I’d never unbag. 

6. Daimyo: I want to like this one more but it just doesn’t seem to have enough variety.

7. Chronoscope: Cool stuff but I don’t think I’d get any use out if it. 

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31 minutes ago, Kalibak said:

That reminds me, has there been a ranking of people’s interests in the Expansion Sets in this thread yet? I’m interested to see which ones are the most and least popular here


1/Greek Odyssey - Top of the list because of the Cloud Giant, Cyclops, and Hydra.


2/Dark Depths - Rated this high because of the Sea Giant. Several of the sea creatures look fun to paint.


3/Brinewood - Lots of npc’s to set a scene.


4/Fan Favourites - It’s quirky. Almost too Quirky, but I think there’s enough of interest to make it worthwhile.


5/Dungeon Dwellers - No big standouts for me. Not a set I need, but some nice sculpts make it tempting.


6/Chronoscope - On the fence on this one. Like the trailer and a handful of the minis.


7/Daiymo - Just not my thing. Doesn’t capture my imagination.

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For me:
1. Dark Depths - will go well with the dragon turtle from Bones 4.
2. Brinewater - will mix well with Dreadmere and ghost pirates from Bones 4. Plus it will mix with Dark Depths.


The next three are quite close together

3. Greek Odyssey - large amount of large miniatures and some fun small sculpts.
4. Dungeon Dwellers - a nice selection of nice designs. 
5. Chronoscope- I like 50% of the set, would have preferred for it to be more steampunk or noire. The problem that I had with the chronoscope (bones 4 version included), is that it lacks focus when compared to most other expansions.  

The last two are lacking the oomph of the other sets.

4. Fan Favourites - I like the small miniatures but the large ones don't interest me.
5. Daimyo - I have Rising Sun board game (still unpainted), but it has nice sculpts just ones that I already have a version off.

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6 hours ago, Kalibak said:

^ That reminds me, has there been a ranking of people’s interests in the Expansion Sets in this thread yet? I’m interested to see which ones are the most and least popular here. 


1:- Greek Odyssey - Just so much good stuff in this one.


2:- Dark Depths - Not too keen on all the fish, but I love pretty much everything else (plus the Sea Giant is potentially my favourite mini of the Kickstarter).


3:- Fan Favourites - I like a lot of stuff in this one too, but none of the big minis.


4:- Dungeon Dwellers - I like a lot of the heroes in this set, but I worry they're not quirky enough to tickle my inner painter.


5:- Brinewind - Some nice minis, but overall just too many random pirates for me.


6:- Chronoscope and Daimyo - These two are a tie, both have a couple of minis I like, but overall they're just not for me.

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Expansions List: 

1. Fan Favourites - I have always wanted a Demegorgon figure, and mephits.  The Landsknect, bug lips and the spikeshell paladin& axolotl warriors were things I didn't know I needed.  but ill hold off pledging for it until I see more sculpts.

2. Greek Odyssey.  really love the golem, the Giant and the smaller sculpts.


3. Dark Depths.  Fish are cool to paint but I don't need that many of them.  

4. Brinewind - lots of cool concepts, but with the core V set, and dredmere from last time I'm good for villagers.

5. Chronoscope & Daymio - I am not interested in these themes, although there are some I might want retail. 

6. Dungeon Dwellers.  I have all of these (or variations), but it would be great for a gamer starting to build a collection.  


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Greek-Yephima, nuff said (and them big monsters...grrroar!)

Dwellers- This and Favorites go mano-a-mano, with the more bang for your buck shtick, gotta love that, plus, some of these sculpts are awe-inspiring to me

Brinewind- Im not that sold in the pirates thing, but they have so much charm combined....

Chrono- Robots and mutants and mad scientists oh my!...but i don't know if I can afford it...

Daimyo- Hmmm... Love some, others, Not so much...

Depths- The giant is cool...otherwise....erm no thanks?


Oy, can I drop here the Channel Pit and Ravenhomme? I know they're not full fledged X-Packs, but imho they are a good deal, and those two are my favorites(the King's Crypt comes third)

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Favorite expansions for Bones5 (in order)

  • Slot One - toss up between the Greek Odyssey and Dungeon Dwellers. Both are on my order list, but I think Greek Odyssey narrowly edges out Dungeon Dwellers because Yephima is sooo pretty (this is all @Corporea's fault... ::D:). 
  • Slot Two - Dungeon Dwellers or Greek Odyssey. Dungeon Dwellers is brilliantly set up for a starting DM - you can run an entire Tier-1 to Tier-2 adventure series in the "B2 Keep on the Borderlands" vein using just the minis in this set - with the minis in this set and a core set, you can roll well into Tier 3, getting adventurers up into 11-14th level or so. 
  • Slot Three - Fan Favorites! I love it! So many cool, random bits - the FF pack was one of my favorite bits of KS4, and I'm glad it made a repeat appearance in KS5. I'm sure these are a royal pain in the elf for the sculptors and concept artists, and I really appreciate the effort they go through to make that bit of insanity happen. 
  • Slot Four - Brinewind. So much character in these characters. It's pretty much a must-have if you're running any kind of a nautical game - and even if you're not, it's still really cool. I'm not sure I'm getting it (because money), but I'm awfully glad it's there. 
  • Slot Five - toss up between Chronoscope and Dark Depths. There are individual minis in Dark Depths I want more, but Chronoscope, I think, narrowly edges it out in terms of utility (in part because I don't do a lot of nautical adventures, and especially not undersea ones). 
  • Slot Six - Dark Depths or Chronoscope. So, I will almost certainly never run a zombie apocalypse game (at least not a long-term one) of any sort - I am utterly zombied out, at this point. and while I'm not as totally done with Steampunk/victorian as I am zombies... it's not high on my "zomg things I must run". Still, some of the minis are neat, the science fiction/post-apoc section is good, and who doesn't want an Airstream fifth-wheel mini? :rolleyes:
  • Slot Seven - Daimyo - I dunno, this one just never seemed to gel for me. There are individual minis I like, and a couple that need only minimal work to go from "kinda neat" to "really quite keen" - but, overall, it just never went from "kinda cool" to "ZOMG must have nao!". 
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