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Reaper Bones 5: Enthusiasm and Commentary thread

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I would have a hard time coming up with an ordered ranking from top to bottom. The way I look at it, Dark Depths, Greek Odyssey and Fan Favorites are appealing enough to buy. The rest aren't. The specific places would probably change with my mood day to day.

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about  Yephima.  I look @Corporea's painted version and think mine will not look that good.  but then I look at my recent giants and add.

The one I paint will still be a thing of beauty.  

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My list of favorite expansions, in order: 


Dungeon Dwellers - And yet I'm not getting this one. But I adore what it is for what it is. It's a GM starter kit for levels 1-5 and I love the idea.


Fan favorites - There's a rakshasa :wub: Also it's full of cool things and I like cool things. When running an expansion without a theme one needs to make up for that by tossing in only the coolest of weird and off-the-wall ideas :B): I'm getting this one.


Dark Depths - I needs me some sea monsters. Also getting this one.


Greek Odyssey - Actual bronze age warriors. With actual Greek monsters. That are only somewhat overused. I'm getting at least one.


Brinewind - Undead with character. Dehydrated port town, just add water. Everything you need to play most ports on most seas. With the terrain expansion this jumps to a more expensive 3rd. Pirate port starter kit. I've been informed I'm getting this one.


Chronoscope - Hey look! Guys, look! There's something like a theme in this part of it! But... random Santa? Might get it.


Daimyo - Unimpressed in its entirety. Samurai dinos and then it went downhill from there. Only one decent monster in the whole lot of it! Who puts together a Japanese expansion without including a kitsune?! Or some non-Greek elementals for elfing once?! The one mini I was most looking forward to in the entire KS is the lung dragon and I will now wait for retail on principle. 

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7 hours ago, aku-chan said:


Brinewind- I like all of this.

Dark Depths-I like all of this except the giant and beholder

Fan favorites - pretty close to dungeon dwellers, but the stuff I like I really really like. Mamlord is gone, though

Dungeon Dwellers - this one is close but over the line. I want moar hordz. (20+goblins(2x), orcs, kobolds for me after this).


Greek Odyssey-  super close for me. Easy value for money but I don't want to deal with selling the stuff I don't want. Love the hydra, Circe, satyr, faun. Chronoscope/Daimyo - I like a few minis only

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1/2) Greek Odyssey & Dark Depths tied for 1st place. They’re both fantastic, lists of monsters and creatures! Very excited about them.


3) Brinewind. It would probably be a three way tie for 1st is the first part of this expansion wasn’t skeletons. They’re cool, and I like them, but I think it would be cooler if there were more living pirates, especially pirates of different races, and more females. (Gimme an lady orc pirate!)


4) Fan Favorite. I love the quirky stuff. I love the oddball minis. Excited for Hubby to use Demogorgon to destroy us :lol::wacko:

5) Daimyo. Might have scored higher if it seemed more coherent. Would have liked to see a few more monsters and beasts from Asian lore, instead of elementals in armour. 

6) Chronoscope. Again, needs to be more coherent. A whole section of a ray gun pulp sci fi, like that one princess. The car we were hearing so much about. More cyber punk or shadow run figures. I dunno, pick a theme? 


7) Dungeon Dwellers. I’m only really excited about a few of the figures in this, but hubby wants it because of all the other figures. 

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18 hours ago, Kalibak said:

^ That reminds me, has there been a ranking of people’s interests in the Expansion Sets in this thread yet? I’m interested to see which ones are the most and least popular here. 


This is hard.  There's no way not to make in individual to my tastes, but that feels unfair.  But anyway...


1. Greek Odyssey

It was kind of cheating to throw Yephima in here, but whaddayagonna do.  I love that sculpt.  Plenty of other good stuff, and I like the Greek-themed adventurers.  Very different.  Only gripe is, the total # of models seems low.  There is an awful lot of big stuff, though.


2. Dungeon Dwellers

This one would be further down a more personalized list, but I want to give it credit for how cohesive, thorough and well-themed it is.  It really is levels 1-5 in a box.  Reaper should go ahead and sell it as a boxed set after the Kickstarter is fulfilled.  I don't need it that badly but I'm buying it anyway. :P


3. Brinewind

This one is the Dreadmere of Bones 5.  So much character.  Also well themed.  With this and the Extras there'll be everything I need to get piratin'.


4. Dark Depths

Lots of amazing sculpts here, but underwater adventures are kinda niche.  Still, it's nice to have that niche filled.  I kinda wonder about the scale though.  The Sea Dragon, for example.  How big is it going to be?  It doesn't look very big, but it should be.  Same with Nessie.  I'm going to be watching the updates to see test prints of this expansion.


5. Chronoscope

I'm not getting this one, because I don't play modern games, and don't expect to.  Nevertheless, I think it's an improvement on the Bones 4 chronoscope.  I'll pick up the Shoggoth at retail.


6. Fan Favorites

I'm not as excited about this one as I was for Bones 4 Fan Faves.  By its very nature it's not themed tightly, so it feels unfair to ding it for that.  I'm super excited for the Whispering Ghoulsbane and the Vampiress.  The character models look useful.  Good to have the Firbolg box checked. The axolotls look cute but I want to see actual renders.  I would be more excited about Demogorgon, but I dunno.  It just doesn't look big enough, or detailed enough.  I want Demogorgon to be a big, menacing, detailed, flagship model, whereas this one looks rushed and uninspired.  It's a WIP though, so I'll be looking for a good test print.


7. Daimyo

Like so many others, I want to like this one, but I just don't.  Lots of stuff is kind of cool, but nothing is ZOMG awesome, except perhaps the dragon.  It most definitely isn't an Asian-themed game in a box, like Dungeon Dwellers, but also it has a lot of weird stuff that I'm not sure what to do with.  Also, is it me, or is the model count way low?  Greek Odyssey has lots of big models, but this one doesn't seem to have that many.  

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My top three keep vacillating and may change as we get more renders but:


1. Dark Depths - I'm a sucker for aquatic monsters and fish people. This set was made for me.

2. Fan Favorites - This is a perfect mix of "useful" for me as a DM if I want to do WYSIWYG monsters combined with some great PC options (finally, some good 5e firbolgs!) and weird stuff I'd probably get for funsies (chicken swarms and axolotl people!). I'm also happy to be able to get some of my favorite limited edition figures that I couldn't snag before (i.e., Ungorth and the robolds).

3. Greek Odyssey - Classic, well-sculpted critters. I don't have a lot to say about why I need this set but I do.

4. Brinewind - A lot of good stuff but I'm not sure if what I'd definitely buy at retail (quite a few but especially 718 and the otterfolk) would make this worth it for me.

5. Chronoscope - Not a lot of "useful" minis but a whole lot of fun stuff. Definitely getting the nightgaunt and shoggoth at retail, and the metal version of Mr. Grimm has been sitting on my wishlist for a while.

6. Dungeon Dwellers - This is a great set and would be a must get for me... if I didn't already have half of those minis. A good value full of amazing sculpts for people who didn't get those freebies.

7. Daimyo - Not a lot interests me here. I might eventually pick up the dragon, giant oni, and smaller oni/ogre.

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22 hours ago, Kalibak said:

^ That reminds me, has there been a ranking of people’s interests in the Expansion Sets in this thread yet? I’m interested to see which ones are the most and least popular here. 

In all honesty?  It's hard to say right now, since the fervor has died down I'm being a lot more analytical about which ones I look into picking up, doubly so since several of the dragons myself and hubby are interested in are locked into expansions.


If I had to pick, it would probably be...

  • Brinewind - there's a decent amount of minis I like in this one, doubly so the otters.  And as the otters would say about the rest of the crew on their ship being skeletons... More fish for us!
  • Chronoscape - I could care less about the zombie stuff, and especially 818, but on the flipside there's some pretty nice looking robots.  I was also one of the ones bugging Reaper heavily about where it was, and boy it better have an actual theme to it this go-around
  • Dungeon Dwellers - I want most of those minis, and since they'd be a fortune to get the ones I want in metal, I suppose I'm willing to go with this set ::P:

Ones I'm uncertain on...

  • Greek - I want that Bronze Golem.  Boy do I ever want it.  Hubby wants Cerberus, pending it's size, and the minotaur I'm still debating about.  Satyr and Faun look nice.
  • Daimyo - there's some stuff that catches my eye, especially that dragon and the oni, but those dinosaurs really kind of... Ah unno.  Make it less tempting to me.

Probably not getting:

  • Dark Depths - Fathom Tyrant and Hippocampus catch my eye, but most of the other stuff is just not really catching my eye.
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Expansions list:

1) Chronoscope - They made an effort to give a little love to it this time, and I appreciate it. 

2) Brinewind + Extras - Almost a perfect set for my tastes. The Sons, catfolk, and otterfolk aren't up my alley.

3) Greek - Not a fan of the centaur design or the cloud giantess, but this is a great set.

4) Fan Favorites - Mamlord, wildfolk, and gatormen are right out. Lasher, cockatrices, animatronics, totally in.

5) Dungeon Dwellers - This is my cutoff. Not enough in this set to interest me. Cheaper to wait for retail.

6) Dark Depths - So much of this stuff would be a blast to paint, but so little of it will ever hit the table that I can't justify it to myself.

7) Daimyo - Love the dragon. Dig the spider and bird ladies. The rest would just be filler from my point of view.



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Expansions List:


  1. Dark Depths - I love to paint seacreatures, the Dunkleosteus and the Dire Moray Eel are too tempting and that Crocosaurus and the Sharks!!!
  2. Brinewind Extras - This is so great with all the terrain pieces. I love it, I will use it all for bases/dioramas
  3. Fan Favorites - Gatormen, Spikeshell, Female Landsknecht etc. etc.
  4. Brinewind - Many useful pirates and undead. the otters are just fun and irrestible.
  5. Chronoscope -Still torn about it, would have preferred to see the three main sections as smaller add ons, I like the trailer and some of the explorers, but too many zombies and I miss the A-Ford.
  6. Daimyo - This was supposed to be of interest to me since I have an Asian themed project, but I dislike the dinos ( wrong setting) I love the dragon and one of the Oni, but hate the other Oni. I will wait for retail I guess.
  7. Greek - Very nice minis, but I won't use much of that, so nope, maybe a few in retail.


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I can't pick favorites; I can say that Daimyo isn't getting purchased. I'm just not particularly interested in Asian settings; there are a few pieces in it that I'll get at retail, though.

Dark Depths, Brinewind and the ship all kinda go together (IMO, anyway), so I'm probably getting them.

All of the other expansions have stuff I want and stuff I don't, so I'm going to be taking a hard look at them to determine which ones I get.





Or, I'll decide that I eat too much any way and get 'em all.::D:

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1 Brinewind. May need two, hers and his.


2 Brinewind expansion. Again, maybe two. I will take ALL the otters!


3 Pirate Ship. Two? Both for Grump, I can borrow his if I need it. He will need both before I need one. ::P: 


4 Greek Odyssey. We will get more of the golem later.


5 Dark Depths. Pirates, pirate ship, so we'll need sharks!


6 Dungeon Dwellers. No one reason, but lots of little ones. Multiples, to give as presents.


7 Core. Lots of little reasons.


8 Fan Favorites. Again, lots of little reasons.


9 All the Dragons! Because Dragon, that's why! ::D:

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On 11/28/2019 at 12:51 AM, Kalibak said:

^ That reminds me, has there been a ranking of people’s interests in the Expansion Sets in this thread yet? I’m interested to see which ones are the most and least popular here. 


1) Greek - due to the bronze golem, cloud giant

2) Depths - due to the Eye of the Deep


Dont really like any others, except maybe 1 or 2 models.  Will pledge for 1 more of them; not sure which.  Fan Favourites maybe, but may change to the japanese one.  



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(1) Greek. My favorite expansion by far. This is was what drew me into the Kickstarter in the first place and Reaper exceeded my expectations for it.

(2) Dark Depths. Love the mermaids, the Fathom Tyrant, the giant, and all the enormous sea creatures. Lots of opportunities to paint brightly colored critters!

(3) Brinewind. The skeleton pirates were cool but I didn't think it would be something I would want. But after the second and third parts were revealed I had to increase my pledge! The tavern and docks stuff is excellent.


(4) Dungeon Dwellers. I won't be getting this one but I really like the models.


(5) Fan Favorites. Some interesting stuff, but not enough to get me to buy it. The artwork for the axolotl warriors is intriguing, as is the landsknecht, but it's not enough to get me onboard.


(6) Daimyo. Not really into this set at all, except for that cool dragon.


(7) Chronoscope. Not bad, but I'm not looking for these kinds of models. I really like the space queen with the classic ray gun, though!

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