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Reaper Bones 5: Enthusiasm and Commentary thread


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Mine went through, even with a password reset, and the prices were correct. Order #74, so I should be very early in wave 2.


(Still a little annoyed that I couldn't get a Wave 1 because of the problems at launch, but I'll get over it. Eventually. Probably not before I get my stuff, though. :poke:)

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5 minutes ago, Monkeywizard said:

WOOT, order 92, and I believe wave 1.. 


Now, we can go and add more through another transaction, and it'll get shipped with our wave, right?


Nice =) And yes, if you place more orders now they will be combined to be sent in the same big package with the wave you got in.

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Order #98 in Wave 1 here! I was hoping for 100, but this is cool too. :)


Only locked in a core set for now, the rest will wait until I can have a sit-down with MrBoot and stare at all the pretty pictures!



--OneBoot :D

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This is pretty annoying. I want to lock in as early as possible. Contacted via the contact me button and sent back a link to the faq, the faq says to go to [email protected], which is fine, but, seriously, a little politeness goes a long way. As a 5 time backer and long time customer, I'm slightly cheesed at this rollout of the PM. I don't need to be wave 1 spot 1, but if I'm doing everything right on my end, it's a little annoying to be pushed a day or two back.


ETA: and yes, I've double checked all my email addresses match. The capitalization is off compared to KS, but that shouldn't matter, and I can't get it to update to match.

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