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Reaper Bones 5: Enthusiasm and Commentary thread


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10 hours ago, pinkymadigan said:

t's only a day, but it still bothers me that I was on before someone announced they were order #69, wave 1, and I'll likely be end of the line wave 1 by the time they figure it out.

I think I was just the 69th person to get their order in, but if it makes you feel better I'm wave #9.

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Top Posters In This Topic

I got my 2 initial orders in yesterday.


Wave 1, #149

Wave 2, #153


I kept my wave 1 order pretty simple, and ordered all the miscellaneous things in the wave 2 order.  Hopefully if a shipment gets delayed, I’ll still get my wave 1 order with the basics quickly.


Have there been any images of the Henchmen and Hirelings released anywhere?  I don’t think I’ve seen anything about that add-on at all.

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On 11/22/2019 at 1:25 PM, ksbsnowowl said:

They showed off the renders of the Henchmen and Hirelings, sculpted by Bobby Jackson.  The renders are only ~90% finished, FYI.  All the images were actually spinning video renders, so I tried to grab at least a front and back image.





Loot Hauler:



Flask Thrower:















10-foot pole wielder:





6 minutes ago, rubegon said:

Have there been any images of the Henchmen and Hirelings released anywhere?  I don’t think I’ve seen anything about that add-on at all.


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On 12/10/2019 at 10:23 PM, Kalibak said:


Does anyone know how this works for late backers? Should I pay for something now (even if small) so that I can secure a spot in a Wave? Or will us late backers have our items shipped last no matter when we pay for our stuff. 

In the last KS they did late backers in the last wave (14 I think). Your first order gave you a place in line, but your line started at the back of all the other lines (in theory). 

You can still make as many orders as you like though. At least until you’ve ordered 10 of everything :lol:

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The bug has indeed been resolved. Order #440 wave 4 =)


edit: Also, since I didn't participate in the listing of things I bought, here's my list =)

Bones 5 Core Set x1
Dragons x1
Gem Dragon x1
Loot Golem x1
Dragon-Lion x1
Valfuryx x1
Dragon Folk x1
Dragon Bust x1
Fire Giant Hellbringer x1
Aganzarax x1
Mouslings x1
Mammoth x1
Yokai x1
Goroloth x1
Shavynra the Slayer x2 (1 for friend)
Krateryx, Shadow Dragon x2 (1 for friend)
Elemental Scions x1
The Dwarf King's Crypt x1
Ildraedis the Devourer x2 (1 for friend)
Yog-Sothoth x1
Kalanzar the Wicked x1
Kaiju Choas x1
Greek Odyssey Expansion x1
Dark Depths Expansion x1
New MSP Paint Colors x1
MSP: Foerster's Favorites x1
Fan Favorites x1
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20 minutes ago, SamuraiJack said:

Do we know what scale the lung dragon is in the Daimyo expansion?  I'm trying to gauge the value of getting the entire expansion just for the dragon.  I'm estimating he's the same size as Kyphrixis which would put him at $20 or so retail..



I'm interested to know this as well.

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