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Reaper Bones 5: Enthusiasm and Commentary thread


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well the mammoth-taur looks much better than the original render,  still not my fav figure,  as the mammoth legs look tiny and out of scale to the giant half. 

I do like the tusks. 

the doxies look great, but I really don't need that expansion.  I'll consider them at retail.  the half-orc and halfling if sold individually, but I would by them as a set too. 



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A few more angles on the Mamotaur:





They noted that the Mammoth lower portion is in scale to the "Pygmy Mammoth" that was just released to retail, from Bones 4.


They showed Arakoth the Ancient on its new base:





It looks to only be attached by three legs (then also under the abdomen, IIRC).


Test print of the new Efreeti male, next to the Bones 4 female that was a mini of the month back in 2019:




Early production tests of the molds for the Rune Wights and Dragon Men add-ons:





Ron noted these were test injection molded mini's while the cutting of the molds is still in process.  The manufacturer does it to seek feedback before cutting the final details of the molds.

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... Might do the same thing with the mamtaur as I did with whatsisnoodle the giant elephant dude. 

Hey, I got a grown man to scream like a little girl for sheer glee with that one; it's worth a shot.


Otherwise, if it wasn't coming in an expansion I was already considering, I probably wouldn't get him. He is very cool, I just don't have a use for him. ^^;

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