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Reaper Bones 5: Enthusiasm and Commentary thread


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Not sure if it's everything but 

1 Core

1 of every dragon

1 giant spider

1 fan favorite 

1 not aboleth

1 war mammoth

1 ship

1 Rocky paintbrush holder 

1 pirate ship

I think that covers most of what I want.  I may splurge on another expansion or two but that is most of it...for now...

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How did I forget the pirate ship!
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Top Posters In This Topic

Has there been any recent word on when the PM will close?

I've been spending $20-25 every payday, and am just about done with my list of secondary priorities (top priorities were purchased with my initial pledge). 

At this rate, I'll be done with my secondary priorities list at the end of July. Wondering if I should start making a list of tertiary priorities. 

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All my primary list is complete now.  

I took advantage of some of the unit builder sets they offered this time, like the Elves, Boulderkin, and Catfolk, getting extras to build 10-12 man wargaming units. 



2) Brinewind Expansion                                                                                     

3) Dark Depths Expansion

4) Chronoscope Expansion

5) Dungeon Dwellers Expansion                                  

6) Brinewind Extras

7) Dwarf King Crypt X2

8) Catfolk

9) Catapult

10) War Mammoth

11) Trebuchet

12) Balista

13) Henchmen

14) Boulderkin

15) Zombies

16) Elves                                                   

17) Gem Dragon      



I still have a few secondary items I want as money permits.

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On 6/7/2020 at 12:20 PM, ShaneB said:


They're slowly getting some more detailed information into the Pledge Manager.  Ilraedis is credited to Jason Wiebe.  Valfuryx is credited to something called Questron Studios.  The other big dragons are as yet uncredited.


For what it's worth, I also find it odd that they never mentioned the sculptors of the big dragons.  Maybe because these Questron Studios people are an outfit that they're new to working with?  I dunno.


questron does models for various board games, concept work, etc.  i think its like, how film studios have companies that help with previz, etc in addition to the major effects houses, with use of software, 3d printing etc thats become more common now for models.


There are exceptions of course. larger companies like GW do that in house...



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I don't recall if they showed the finished Lasher Demon from the Fan Favorites expansion.  They were showing a spin-around on today's Bones 5 Live show, so I grabbed a few shots.





They showed off the Demonic Temptations mini's again.  One was oddly missing it's horns... (they supposedly had stuck Ron's head on it as a joke?)





Apparently the sculptor (forgive me for forgetting his name) based the faces of the male incubi on Sam, Dean, and Castiel from Supernatural.


Here's a few of the succubi, just because they showed them off.




Apparently this next one isn't the final sculpt.  There was a slight tweak to her eyes (but so small we probably won't be able to tell on the mini).



Rhonda painted the succubi (it does use Drown Nipple Pink, and a few other discontinued colors)



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So, just curious; did any of you go in for all 7 expansions?  They're such a diverse assortment of themes, I was thinking that most cases folks would find some but not all of them appealing. So was wondering if any of you found them all worth getting?


As for me, I'm in for 4 of the 7; Dungeon Dwellers, Brinewind, Dark Depths, and Chronoscope.  


The others just didn't make the cut, though there's at least a few figures in each one I wouldn't mind having eventually.   

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I went in for Dungeon Dwellers, greek Odyssey expansion, brinewind and of course core set:) The others did not have quite enough to pull the $50 trigger.



Started out strong, especially part 2's undead samurai, but then it just lost steam in the end (for me anyway)

Dark Depths:

underwater stuff just didn't grab me. I couldn't justify the usefulness, so I passed


Part 1 and the terminators from part 3 grabbed me, but I am passing (unless I have 50 bucks free at the end, then I may get it and just trade/sell off what I don't  need/want)

Fan Favorites:

There were maybe 3 mini's I liked, not enough to justify and sell off the rest. I will just wait till retail (or maybe a BoGW find)



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yea, for me:

Daimyo has only 1 mini i want, the chinese dragon

chornoscope is no interest to me, i dont' do sci fi

dungeon dwellers is a lot of minis i already have (not models, just type, and we don't need anymore of thsoe types) i only really want the treasure dragon

core set has nothing i'm interested in other than a few models that i'll just pick up at retail, not enough i lke there to warrant the price

fan favorites, like fan favorites last time, just has a handful of minis i want, and not enough to justify the price

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I'm in for Greek Odyssey, Dark Depths, Fan Favorites, two Brinewinds, and two Chronoscopes. I couldn't convince myself to get Daimyo on the backs of three miniatures that I liked in it. Dungeon Dwellers had a few more minis that interested me, but for the most part dungeon crawls aren't my jam. Edit: Dungeon Dwellers has a dozen or so minis that I dig, but only about half of them are things that I'd buy individually, so it's tempting, but not $50 tempting.

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I got Dungeon Dwellers, Greek Odyssey, Brinewind, Dark Depths, and Fan Favorites. 


If I have the cash at the end, I'll get Daimyo (only want the dragon and the two large Oni, mostly; the elementals and terrain bits would be good, too), since what I want will likely total more than $50 at retail anyway. 


I like the Chronoscope set, but it will be among the last things I buy, if I somehow have the money. Lots of the steam punk models look like they would be fun to paint, but I don't have a game use for most of it (the C'thulhu stuff gets used in Pathfinder modules, though).


More than anything I'm loving the encounter sets. I've found that so far I really enjoy painting terrain, so loading up on that stuff will be my biggest amount of "double up." I'm planning to get 2 troll bridges, 3 Ravenhomes, and 4 Brinewind Extras, plus possibly a second Charnal Pit. 

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I got



Brinewind Expansion

Greek Odyssey

Dark Depths

Fan Favorites



Living Death

Shadows of Ravenhome




War Mammoth

Yog Sototh


Pirate ship

Extra stone Walls

Campground/Trailer Park


I regret not getting the succubi, but I've already spent more than I wanted.

With all the STL stuff I'm buying and the Desert of the Dead, I won't add more.




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