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Reaper Bones 5: Enthusiasm and Commentary thread


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45 minutes ago, Cranky Dog said:

Why I do believe we've reached a point where we can start asking for a Leviathan miniature (i.e. a massive aquatic dragon/sea serpent/dire whale) for Bones 6.





And it should open up and be anatomically correct inside with different levels so PCs can have an adventure. 



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1 hour ago, Cranky Dog said:


11 hours ago, PaganMegan said:

We're gonna need a bigger kraken.

Why I do believe we've reached a point where we can start asking for a Leviathan miniature (i.e. a massive aquatic dragon/sea serpent/dire whale) for Bones 6.


Be careful what you ask for...

...somebody might have already had a go.

(Drew that back in October, for Inktober, as well as this next one: )



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Hey! No time like the last few months of the pledge manager to add stuff. At least it's sooner then the last Bones KS (I add most of pledges a weekend before the closing date & right before ReaperCon).


Anyways, just added:

Power Up: Dragonslayers x1
Power Up: Rocky Brush Holder Option x1
Disapproving Hand Spell Effect x1
Valfuryx the Vile x1
Fire Giant Hellbringer x1
Goroloth x1
Storm Giant x1
Arakoth the Ancient x1
Encounter at Mandupar Pass x1
Encounter: Shadows of Ravenhome x1
Opton: Kaiju Chaos x1
Base Boss 1" Round RPG Bases x3
In addition to my existing pledge:
Core Set
Pirate  Ship
I'll add more later this month & next, of course.
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On 6/29/2020 at 11:10 AM, PaganMegan said:

Hey, no sock puppets on these forums! <=Purple!



Cecil the sea sick serpent disapproves.



Reaper needs more sea serpents! Sock or otherwise.


[P.S. I have to remind myself there's a separate thread for miniature ideas.]

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Backer #1 weighing in! I was taught not to gloat... and it's not reeeally an accomplishment... but who else would appreciate such a thing haha.


History repeats itself, I suppose, and here's the story of EXACTLY what happened to me with Bones IV:


I started out with a modest pledge of only the Core Set. How naive.


Then I added the Dragon Bust because hey, why not.


Now as of today we have:


Bones 5 Core Set
Dragon Bust
Pirate Ship
Greek Odyssey
Dark Depths
Fan Favorites
Extra Walls of Thorns
Valfuryx the Vile
Shavynra the Slayer
Kalanzar the Wicked
Krateryx, Shadow Dragon
Storm Giant
Elemental Scions
Kaiju Chaos
Full Moon Fever
Most excited for the Pirate Ship and all the dragons! I got all the dragons except Ildraedis because for some reason, he's just not my cup of tea. I feel like since receiving Bones IV, I haven't once regretted any of the purchases I made, so let's lean into this one two! They all speak to me, and my wife is possibly even more excited about the dragons and the Elemental Scions as I am :B):
Cheers all!
Edited by PeterBenjaminParker
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