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Reaper Bones 5: Enthusiasm and Commentary thread

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I support the bones kickstarters as much because its a way for me to support a favored vendor and company I wish that more companies would emulate.  The bones themselves are inexpensive enough that I can afford to give away even some large ones if I think it will bring some people into the hobby.  So if bones 6 comes out I will probably do the same I did with 5:  pick up the big pieces I really like and get the core set for the deal that will mainly become giveaways and quick tabletop PCs


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7 hours ago, Adrift said:

Maybe when they do a Bones 6, they’ll do an add on which would include the previous Sophie’s re-done for Bones Black, including the biker one and then they could also throw in a pirate Sophie bust. That’d be a very popular add-on, I imagine. 

I'd get one.

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I'm lucky/cursed that Reaper Ron seems to have almost exactly the same taste in minis as me. I'm pretty much done on this kickstarter and it's easier to list the stuff that I'm NOT getting :wacko: It's not good when you can think of a good in game use/paint scheme for every flipping unlock in the campaign! :lol:

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On 8/5/2020 at 4:27 PM, SamuraiJack said:

I wish they would re-do the Bones 3 librarian sophie.. it didnt translate well into regular bones, and probably should be scaled up some

Yeah, I want a better version of her too.


As for Bones 6... well, that's a different topic.


Because I'm in such a dragon mood, I pulled out the Bones Temple Dragon. Such a lovely sculpt. Just makes me want the new dragons from Bones 5 even more!

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I skipped the core and tried to go light on bones 4. 

115 miniatures  (not to mention the boat) later ... I don't think my collection counts as very  light. 

with only 16 painted so far, and a few sold, traded , or given away. 


Spent a lot more on bones 5,  and im pretty sure ill take up the challenge of painting the entire core again. 

I have no idea what I would want from B6. 


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1 hour ago, the_largest_rodent said:

I’m a little bummed: I thought the dragons were going to be gargantuan sized. But it looks like according to the descriptions on a couple of them they are on 3” bases, which would classify them as huge. Ah well, I got one of each and they still look great!

You can stick them on 4" bases and they would look right (they stick out a lot of the 3")
I will

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Ron just announced in the Bones 5 Live twitch stream that the Bones 5 Pledge Manager will now close on December 1st, 2020.

BUT, help them out and close out your pledges early, so they can plan production amounts semi-correctly.

They were showing off a lot of the expansions in total.  These should all be resin masters in the pictures.

They showed off a picture of the Dark Depths expansion (it is missing the 2nd and 3rd shark fins, and possibly one other mini).



Fan Favorites:


Note the demonic lasher is just dry-fit together, not glued, so don't fret over any gaps you may see here.


1 hour ago, the_largest_rodent said:

I’m a little bummed: I thought the dragons were going to be gargantuan sized. But it looks like according to the descriptions on a couple of them they are on 3” bases, which would classify them as huge. Ah well, I got one of each and they still look great!


The bases are 3", but the dragons are vastly oversized for that 3" base.  They are easily Gargantuan compared to previous offerings by other companies.  I posed a photoshop comparison with the Huge Red Dragon figure from the Wrath of Ashardalon game a month or two ago.  Trust me, the dragons are bigger than Huge.


Here, I hunted down the pic again.  Both of these Red Dragons are on 3" bases, FYI.




And now they showed off Chronoscope.




Seems this pic is missing the tentacle Cthulhu monster that's part of the expansion.  Ah, yes, Ron just said the Shoggoth figure is missing from the picture.  These pics are generally the full sets, but there are a few missing things here and there that weren't finished/assembled.

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More expansions and encounter sets, etc.  Resin masters, etc.


The Elemental Scions.



Same, but putting the Air Scion (from Fan Favorites) into the line-up.



Dwarf King's Crypt.



Greek Odyssey.  Note the hippogryph is missing from this pic.



Dungeon Dwellers.



And finally for tonight, the Brinewind expansion.


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