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Reaper Bones 5: Enthusiasm and Commentary thread


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11 hours ago, Pezler the Polychromatic said:

Some people do care to watch, but due to responsibilities they may not be able to take the time to do so. Thank you very much for the new thread, it's very helpful!

Yes forgive me, I should have worded that differently. >.<
I will try my best to do notes for the show as best I can, as it is a lot of multi-tasking keeping up with chat, talking/listening, notes and so forth. I might even just save it for Friday morning, and go watch the episode again on the V.O.D's Or just link the V.O.D with a summary of what happened. 

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I'm down to 'huhn, do I REALLY want that' on my list; mostly for niche stuff like the Daimyo expansion and Chronoscope, where there's stuff I am not very interested in mixed in with stuff I do want/have a use for.

I did get a pair of Bigby's Expressive Single Digit though, because that appeals to my twisted sense of humour. >.>

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Daimyo, I would have got if not for the dino-people. I don't mind the existing ones, just not those. I figured, eh I wanna support Reaper in retail sales, so that expansion will be one I'll look for. That & the Chronoscope one as well. There is a bunch of things in that one I'll look for in retail as well, like the big minis. Love the Cthulhu like creature, along with the other mini on the same page.


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I have  a love hate relationship with chronoscope expansions.
They lack of focus always makes me not get them. I feel they would work better if it was broken down into encounters. 

Lets go through the 3 parts of the Chronoscope expansion and my thoughts on it.

Part 1: Victorian Steampunk and Pulp: 

  • I absolutely love the figures. I really  enjoy the variety of non combat pose and the detailed dresses. Santa doesn't really fit, but its Santa.

Part 2: Post apocalypse and Lovecraft:

  • First off, modern zombies. A good addition to the Reaper catalogue. But I am not interested in them, I would have preferred if they were victorian or more of a village folk (for modern settings it was part of a village festival or a folk group).
  • Like the civilians, not really interested in the military ones. Still have no real use for them and the sculpts don't jump out to me (apart from the one that reminds me of Shaggy and the farmer)
  • Super mutants, not really my jam. That one pose drawing his pistole is nice. 
  • Trailer, I don't do modern. Still there are a couple of fun ways this can be used. A good addition to the reaper catalogue.
  • Lovecraft monsters: the devil one is nice. I really like it. The tentacles have a nice scenic base that works for both modern and victorian. But tentacle blob is not really my cup of tea.

Part 3: Robots

  • Don't like the half skeletons and half blocks design. But that is a personal preference.
  • Large robots: prefer the more fluid design, but still not my cup of tea.



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38 minutes ago, Cyradis said:

... are those peanut butter cups on Buglips's back?


Treasure is treasure.  Delicious, delicious treasure.  


24 minutes ago, Chris Palmer said:



While I now can't unsee that, I think the intent is gold coins with ridged edges.  ::):


The original idea was to try and make a compromise between "maybe they are coins" and "but maybe they are paint lids".  If it was necessary to choose one or the other, I said go with coins because while paint pots would be funnier it would be best to make it a useful piece for people who are not in on the joke.  So they are theoretically coins, theoretically paint pot lids, and theoretically peanut butter cups. Good loot either way, tbh.

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1 hour ago, Chris Palmer said:



While I now can't unsee that, I think the intent is gold coins with ridged edges.  ::):


2 hours ago, Cyradis said:

... are those peanut butter cups on Buglips's back?


They could be tube socks.........



thou, PBC does make it interesting.

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