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Reaper Bones 5: Enthusiasm and Commentary thread


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8 hours ago, Ratmaster2000 said:

I am leaning heavily for the chronoscope set because it has more variety in it, but I still like the daimyo set because of the undead asian style figures. What does everyone think about these two? 


I went with Chronoscope.  Daimyo just didn't quite resonate with me.  I think that the dinos put me off and the rest of it just didn't quite come up with enough value. Chronoscope was a bit disjointed in approach, but eventually came up with enough things I might want that I eventually pulled the trigger.

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48 minutes ago, strawhat said:


I went with Chronoscope.  Daimyo just didn't quite resonate with me.  I think that the dinos put me off and the rest of it just didn't quite come up with enough value. Chronoscope was a bit disjointed in approach, but eventually came up with enough things I might want that I eventually pulled the trigger.

That is pretty much how I see them. Daimyo started really strong with first reveal, but then pretty much sputtered out with the last two. Chronoscope is not perfect, but has much more appealing choices (for me the victorian and terminator mini's) then Daimyo has. Hopefully I don't have to wait too long to get the few pieces in daimyo I like.  

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I splurged on nearly everything else so Chronoscope, Daimyo, and Greek Odyssey just didn't make the cut for me.  I'm a little shocked that I managed to sink roughly $800 into this thing.  I wasn't into the hobby the first three times but when I finally got into it I combed the internet for a bunch of the Bones 3 stuff and a few of the Bones 2 expansions.  I was late to 4 and only late pledged for the core but later regretted it as I spent more money picking up the expansions I wanted in the re-sale market.


This time I'm hoping I won't have any regrets!  Though I have talked myself out of the ship.  I can justify spending 100s on many many minis, but something in my brain won't let me pull the trigger on something with such a limited use.  But I am definitely looking forward to getting a massive box of plastic to add to the unpainted collection!

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I ended up leaving this so late, but I finally closed out my order. I'm not sure if people are still posting lists, but here's mine;


- 1 Core Set

- 2 Dungeon Dwellers Expansion

- 1 Fan Favourites Expansion

- 1 Greek Odyssey Expansion


- 2 Extra Kobold Swarms

- 2 Extra Zombies Sets

- 1 Extra Gem Dragon


- 1 Townsfolk

- 1 Henchmen and Hirelings

- 1 Dragon Folk Adventurers

- 1 Rune Wights

- 1 Elemental Scions

- 1 Shavynra

- 1 Kalanzar

- 1 Krateryx

- 1 Arakoth



- 1 Henchwomen Option

- 1 Demonic Legion Option

- 1 Disapproving Hand Spell Effect


If you can't tell, I do not have a lot of miniatures at the moment and I'm covering my bases :p wish I could have gone in for more dragons and duplicates, or the encounters and some of the extra expansions, but this got very pricy with the Canadian exchange rate. The paints were also very tempting as I am also only starting that collection and Reaper paints are not available in my area, but I had similar things in the Favourites and wasn't sure on the new colours - a tad too much overlap or things too close to what I can get around here.

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After his next pay day on the 15th, my cousin (who backed at $1) will get me another ten sets of the Walls of Stone 4-pack. After the new photos in Friday’s update, I will finally get Chronoscope. That pic of the Shoggoth looks fantastic. 



Lots of other good pics in that update. Here are a few. 






As we get close to the end, I am debating getting myself a second Ship (I blame watching Black Sails the last few weeks), and a second Dark Depths (the value of that expansion is insane).

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1 hour ago, lowlylowlycook said:

I still wish wolf riders were in the core set because I can't really justify half a dozen Dungeon Dwellers.



I agree!   I could justify 2 DD sets, but will have to wait to buy the rest of my wolf riders at retail.   It’s not like I won’t have plenty to paint in the meantime. ::P:

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.... aaannnndddd "that's my last order" lasted like 24 hours. Ended up getting the last 3 main dragons. I REALLY wanted the set of five. :C Got all the dragons in the end except for Nathavarr, who was bumping up my shipping quite a bit for some reason. I do think that's everything though.

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