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Reaper Bones 5: Enthusiasm and Commentary thread


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1 minute ago, Pezler the Polychromatic said:

A bit bad with the punctuation, but it's stating that the Pledge Manager closes on December 1st.

Good to know such but the way it's currently written you literally will read "Closes December 1st" in the title first. 

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Mmmmh - trying to make the final decision on whether the Learn to Paint Kit is worth getting or not.


Lots of paint, instructions, brushes... and some duplicate figures. I think getting the new paint sets is more tempting than this array of generic colors... but still, I am unsure. 


Are all 12 figures included with it figures from the Core Set? I'm finding it a bit tricky to cross-reference.

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Big call out to @ShaneB for starting the spreadsheet and having a foundation for me to start from.  I used his template to add pictures so people could match up and check off items easier.  I hope ya'll find this helpful, like i know i will when the big day comes! 




Use it to the fullest! 

Note that items in yellow highlight may have the wrong number or are missing a photo. 



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Nice update! Those painted models are amazing! :D

Alright, my final order for Bones V is in! At least one of everything! Here's my final tally: 


Power Up: Full Moon Fever Option x1
Power Up: Dragonslayers x1
Rocky Brush Holder x1
Power Up: Hippocampus Figurehead Option x1
Disapproving Hand Spell Effect x1
Glow in the Dark Ghost Pirate Ship x1
Bones 5 Core Set x1
Extra Monsters x1
Extra Armory x4
Extra Gem Dragon x1
Extra Walls of Thorns x5

Extra Walls of Stone x10
Power Up: Campground and Trailer Park Scenics Option x1
Power Up: Demonic Legion Option x1
Power Up: Beastmen Option x1
Henchwomen x1
Valfuryx x1
Dragon Folk x1
Option: Hammerfist Catapult x2
Option: Townsfolk x1
Dragon Bust x1
Fire Giant Hellbringer x1
Aganzarax x1
Option: Mouslings Fun-Size Scale x1
Troll Bridge Encounter x1
Mammoth x1
Option: Reptaur Adventurers x1
Option: Yokai of Okura x1
Option: Deathrattle Ballista x2
Goroloth x1
Option: Farflinger Trebuchet x2
Shavynra the Slayer x1
Storm Giant x1
The Spiders of Emrith Kul x1
Krateryx, Shadow Dragon x1
Rune Wights x1
Arakoth the Ancient x1
Elemental Scions x1
Encounter at Gallowgard x1
Option: Bust Collection x1
The Dwarf King's Crypt x1
Dungeon Dwellers x1
Encounter at Mandupar Pass x1
Pirate Ship x1
Bones 5 Learn to Paint Kit x1
Ildraedis the Devourer x1
Sirens x1
Charnel Pit of the Ghoul Queen x1
Shadows of Ravenhome x1
Option: Demonic Temptation x1
Yog-Sothoth x1
Kalanzar the Wicked x1
Option: Brinewind Extras x1
Kaiju Chaos x1
Henchmen and Hirelings Option x1
Expansion: Daimyo x1
Greek Odyssey Expansion x1
Dark Depths Expansion x1
Brinewind Expansion x1
Base Boss 2" Round RPG Base x1
Base Boss 3" Round RPG Base x1
Power Up: Nathavarr the Ravenous, Dragon x1
Chronoscope Expansion x1
New MSP Paint Colors x1
MSP: Foerster's Favorites x1
Fan Favorites x1

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I've got to admit, some more kobolds wouldn't be out of line.  I could justify some wererats, too...


And then there's Ildraedis.  I mean, I've already got a gargantuan white dragon--but I could sell that one and get a much more reasonably priced one in return...

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