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Reaper Bones 5: Enthusiasm and Commentary thread

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I can't find pictures showing most of the larger models with Sir Forscale to get an idea of how big they are. The last Kickstarters they included Sir Forscale in most model pictures. They added Sir Forscale to Narthalyssk's picture, but what about Valfuryx, Aganzarax & the War Mammoth?


I really would like to have some idea how big the dragons and mammoth are in relation to a normal human sized mini.

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something i drew many many many years ago   seems fitting

I totally agree with you in that those particular exaggerations are not very realistic in function. This was a challenging character/figure to create because I wanted her to read as feminine but als

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5 minutes ago, frickdog said:


I love the dinosaurs, but i would rather them not as part of the expansions, feels like they are taking space from something cool in the Daimyo Expansion and until i looked at it again after your comment i wasn't interested in it, but now its like its a cool expansion except for 6 minis that seem unusable.

Starting to think the Lost Valley Expansion in B4 must have done very well or something.  It is just odd to me personally as I have never wanted/needed dinohumanoids and am not aware of any systems/games that are specific to these types of minis.

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3 minutes ago, Canuck said:

I really would like to have some idea how big the dragons and mammoth are in relation to a normal human sized mini.



Probably Sir Forscale is not included because Reaper themselves have not decided how big they will be.  


They are trying to not  make any claims they will later have to retract (i.e. Argent)



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IMHO, DD expansion really is a great place to start for a new DM -- provided that DM can wait a full two years to get his/her figures.


That is the only thing with Bones, I understand why, but you are waiting 2yrs before you can actually do anything useful with the items you pledged.


Which is why for the people are recommended the KS for I also recommend getting other figures to get started.

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2 hours ago, Sanael said:


Speaking as a Reaper fanboy for a decade and a half, I didn't get all the 25th Anniversary minis. If that Heckelmeyer comes up in this KS I will lose my mind throwing money at the screen.


I might be able to help you with that particular mini :ph34r:


I'll send you a PM

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4 minutes ago, JDizzO said:

Starting to think the Lost Valley Expansion in B4 must have done very well or something.  It is just odd to me personally as I have never wanted/needed dinohumanoids and am not aware of any systems/games that are specific to these types of minis.


I suspect a number of oddball figures get made because either someone at Reaper personally thinks it's a good idea, or because a sculptor comes up with something that a Reaper authority thinks is funny.   IE:  they like it and aren't paying attention to what folks here on the forum want and use regularly. 



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4 minutes ago, StarFyre said:


they said they are bronze golems..



Just curious, are there actual "bronze golems" in any version of D&D?  Off the top of my head I recall a Brass Golem, but not a Bronze Golem.


2 minutes ago, Cranky Dog said:

The term "Ram Fist" has been dropped before. Don't know if it's official or not.


That's actually a decent idea-sparker (as is the mini-sculpt, in that aspect, I see).  I could totally see statting up a new golem, and giving it what equated to wearing two Rings of the Ram as part of its abilities.

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