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Reaper Bones 5: Enthusiasm and Commentary thread

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Oddly enough, I was one of the people who was happy to get the townsfolk and nearly bought a second set. ::D: but that being said, it's my first bones Kickstarter and I don't own any NPC minis at all, except for a single bones 4 one I got out of a box at my FLCS. While I would have liked more dynamic ones, any NPCs were still good in my eyes.

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something i drew many many many years ago   seems fitting

I totally agree with you in that those particular exaggerations are not very realistic in function. This was a challenging character/figure to create because I wanted her to read as feminine but als

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On 1/11/2021 at 1:42 PM, MoonglowMinis said:

On another note, is anyone else underwhelmed by the villager set?  It's the only item I regret buying, namely because I had intended to remove it from my cart before checking out.  But the figures are just so static, not like the more dynamic and unique villagers from Bones 4, or the even weirder non-human race villagers from previous kickstarters.  But the part that I'm most disappointed about is those tiny bland bases.  They look like they'd tip over so easily and the bases don't appear to be textured (I could be wrong).  But for such bland figures, it's a shame that I'll likely have to rebase them all since I don't care to spend much time prepping figures that aren't all that interesting.  Would rather be able to slap paint on and call it a day.

Not at all. Most people don't spend their time in dramatic poses. They tend to be fairly static when wandering around a market square.


As for the bases, I'd rather no base than an untextured one. And like was mentioned before, a lot of them will probably end up in multi fig bases. I do wish there was a little more variety in races, but eh, maybe in Bones 6 there'll be Villagers 2: Demi-human Bugaloo.


I am realizing that shipping may be an issue, depending on when it actually happens. Our lease is up at the end of May... And we're 99% likely to be moving. Really do need an extra room now that the hamsterling has arrived.

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To clarify, I don't need the villagers to be adventurers, I just preferred the previous villagers that felt more like characters.  Whether it be the Half-Orc Merchant and the Beer-drinking dwarf, or the more commoner types like the barmaid, milkmaid, barrel-carrier, and scribe from Bones 4.  They felt like they had jobs or were doing something instead of just standing around waiting to comment on the weather.  They just had more personality than this new set.

But I am happy that they are meeting the needs of many of you.  Not every mini has to be perfect for everyone.  My bigger complaint is about the tiny boring bases.  A bland mini is acceptable if I don't have to spend much time on it, but it looks like I'll have to rebase all of the villagers if I want them to be stable or have a base that looks natural, and it's a disappointment that I'll have to spend more time on these background filler minis than necessary.

Lesson learned to double check my cart before hitting "buy."

Basing them in groups like a crowd does sound like a cool use though.

While I'm complaining about bases though, what is with those blocky wooden bases on some of the Brinewind minis?  I'm just trying to figure out how to adapt those to the round bases I usually use.  I'm not so particular that they all need to perfectly fit on 1in rounds, I've use bigger bases for some of the wide-stanced minis.  But I also don't know how I'll blend the bases into a round.  Maybe fil the gaps with something to look like sand, like a plank of wood sitting on a sandy beach.  Anyone else have ideas of what to do with those to make them look more natural?

Also just for clarity, I'm not upset with anything.  Not every item in a KS is going to satisfy everyone, and I have no unreasonable expectations.  Just trying to figure out what to do with some of the things I'm getting that I have complaints about.  Also cool to see the difference in opinion and why the things I may not like are preferable to other people.  You all bring up interesting points.

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A few weeks ago during one of the big show-offs on youtube, I finally noticed the size of that massive spider.

My god. I had not realised it was so incredibly huge! Luckily I was in time to plunge it in my basket, somehow I had overlooked this in the past images that had passed, thinking "I already have that big sipder van Bones 4, don't need another, even though the model is cool". Not realizing this one could be the mother to that other spider's babyform. Gawd!

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Now I'm sad I didn't buy the giant spider. It's a cool model, but I had a limited budget and I didn't know what I would do with it. A supersized scorpion? Yes please! Maybe we can get one in Bones 6, the Bones 5 map was heading into the desert at the end of the pledging. I also regret not getting in on Bones 4. The animal models I wanted are releasing this spring. It's been a painful wait. I still don't know when the dinos are releasing. They have had problems with the t-rex flopping over on its tummy, but I don't know why the trike hasn't been released. 

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7 minutes ago, Great Khan Artist said:

Now I'm sad I didn't buy the giant spider. It's a cool model, but I had a limited budget and I didn't know what I would do with it. A supersized scorpion? Yes please! Maybe we can get one in Bones 6, the Bones 5 map was heading into the desert at the end of the pledging. I also regret not getting in on Bones 4. The animal models I wanted are releasing this spring. It's been a painful wait. I still don't know when the dinos are releasing. They have had problems with the t-rex flopping over on its tummy, but I don't know why the trike hasn't been released. 


i know its price is a lot higher, but the detail and size are awesome. check out the mierce scorpion. the one with 2 tails...

its worth it


trex flopping?? the legs are bending??  i remember issues with argent's wings.



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29 minutes ago, Sirithiliel said:

I got the spider for 1 reason....at some point here on the forums people joked about a Lisa Frank art challenge, and I said I'd do the new spider. I did a art mock up and it made me decide to get it and actually paint it like that. 



House Polychromus approves. ::):

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I should start a Lisa Frank challenge once the new KS is here, between existing models, the leopards and dolphins from the new ones, there are plenty of traditional Lisa frank animal species to paint as well as more out there ones like the spider haha








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