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Reaper Bones 5: Enthusiasm and Commentary thread

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12 minutes ago, ksbsnowowl said:

I got a second Dark Depths back in December. Ron always talking about how they put too much value in that expansion swayed me. The small army of not-Sahaugin I’ll have available to paint, plus the fathom tyrant, the Merrow (and let’s be honest, all the other great beasts) were what sold me (I did go out of my way to buy the final 12 issues of Dungeon Magazine after they announced the pirate ship, so I can run Savage Tide someday); they’ll serve me well in a high seas campaign one day.

Just the Fathom Tyrant and four Slithes are probably going to total up to almost $25 at retail. And that’s just scratching the surface of the expansion. 


i like savage tide. one of the concepts there, is the basis for my current 3.Xe/PF1e (now in epic/mythic levels) campaign :D


Want to actually run it one day, but its a good read.



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From Bones 5 Live today; they showed images of the packaging for the first retail releases from Bones 5. They're focusing first on some small box sets, specifically the Demonic Legion (renamed Blood Demons), Henchmen & Hirelings (including henchwomen), Crypt of the Dwarf King encounter, the Brinewind Extras and the Elemental Scions.


The scions were mentioned as potentially being the first release, aimed somewhere in the June, July or August range. No MSP yet, but they mentioned the Blood Demons MIGHT be $20. Ron said not to quote him on it though. They also mentioned that some pieces that are particularly popular or in high demand may be released separately in the future (much later - they're not focusing on it now). The example that came up in chat was the dock from Brinewind Extras, and they confirmed that might potentially be separate later.


The demons, hirelings and dwarf king encounter were also branded under a "Dungeon Dwellers" header - Ron said they're basically planning to make this a whole line of box sets/miniatures specifically designed to be dropped directly into a scenario with everything you need. They have also very loosely colour-coded into groups; red boxes for monsters, green for PCs/NPCs and blue for encounters. They'll come with QR codes so you can scan them once you've got the box and get things like encounter and painting guides for the specific box you got.


Here's the screenshots of the backs (?) of the box. They also mentioned they have two shipping containers expected in Dallas by the end of February.












They also showed some pictures of the glow in the dark pirate ship, mentioned that they might have some extra copies available in the store, and also clarified that parts of the masts weren't glowing as much because they were in a stiffer material designed to hold its shape better, and the glowing worked a bit differently. You can kinda see it here.




(I got no idea if this has been shown before, I have not been keeping up with Bones 5 Live)

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9 minutes ago, Ratmaster2000 said:

I like the direction Reaper is taking with these new retail offerings. Two containers, kickstarter ones? Cool, maybe they will actually be ahead of the expected date:)


Yes, kickstarter ones - but it's the first two of many, and I think they said they're otherwise on track for April still, so I wouldn't get your hopes up about early fulfillment. ::P:


I do like the new direction - Reaper has a LOT of inventory and I am hoping the box sets will allow retailers that haven't previously carried Reaper to get into it more. I imagine they are trying to compete a bit with WizKids as well, who have been including multiple minis in most of their packs for a while now, and have been expanding into box sets (including terrain) as of late. Plus boxes like these theoretically take up less shelf space despite their size. You can put boxes like these anywhere in a store - mini blisters, however, need to go on a wall or a large shelving unit, and they take up a lot of space for relatively poor turnover, especially in the realm of character minis. :poke: 


I appreicate the position Reaper's in that regard and I think the boxes are a creative solution. A company with a large catalogue is kinda effed after a certain point - retailers have to either dedicate large parts of their already limited space to one brand, which is rarely worth it, or limit what they order, which their customers won't like because they expect a store carrying a brand to carry a significant part of that catalogue. At that point, if the company doesn't do anything and keeps putting out more stuff, they're going to start finding that their orders are growing smaller and smaller each time a retailer orders from them - they just don't have enough space for the new things, or they do, but don't have space for the old things. Eventually, customers realize they want something specific but nobody local has it in stock, so they order online, but since they're paying shipping, they might as well order some other things as well and in the end the store loses out entirely on any sales concerning that brand and then they start ordering even less. Eventually, everyone loses out.


On the other hand - if Reaper can get a (limited) catalogue of box sets into stores, it won't be too hard for stores to add those in, and since they'll presumably have a higher turnover, being mostly non-character focused, better priced per mini and with a higher price higher, stores are then in a position where they aren't dedicating a lot of space, but are making a decent amount of money off of Reaper, and will be presumably be able to do things for their customers, like order in specific miniatures, if they're ordering more frequently. If it works, they are, ideally, making a move that will be better overall for everyone.


............. that got a tad long. I own a very tiny nerd business and want my own nerd store one day, so I spend a LOT of time thinking about table space at shows. And also wall space in my future store. And bin space. And floor space. And storage space and-


I also have nothing against Reaper or their catalogue, this is just my observation of the retailers I know who don't carry Reaper (it's a bit harder to get in Canada). ::P: It IS based off my distain for Marvel (they've been pulling title nonsense to get more shelf space for years!) and Funko, which is basically an infectious disease at this point. Oh, how I hate Funko. They're definitely hitting space saturation.

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47 minutes ago, Sirithiliel said:

Funko is excessive but I don't mind them too much, I have a few here and there to go with a couple book series I have (couple star wars ones on my star wards shelf, etc)


Glad to hear fulfilment is on track


Oh, I absolutely own WAAYY too many funkos myself (so many batman ones) ::P: so in that regard I don't mind them. That being said, their recent move to add multiple styles of funkos (vynyl / 5 star), their new board games and other merch (pins, t-shirts, etc), as well as their new giant pops (some of which are over a foot tall) means they take up a lot of retail space and things aren't moving as much. All of the stores I've talked to are very much not happy about it. xD


I'm glad too - though I was wondering; did we ever learn if they mean to start fulfillment at the beginning of April or the end of it? Or is it just that April is the general window?


I keep meaning to paint minis so I have less to do when Bones 5 gets here........ and then I don't.

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Funko should just start opening their own stores.... 



I do hope they sell those docks and the carts separate. You obviously should have a bunch of docks, and more than one cart for a caravan. I love the idea of packing them all up in sets. They should do that with their guards and such too!

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I need to try and get through more backlog of minis I have ....because the new ones will get painted before then if I don't get them out of the way before they get here 


(On the funko note...I actually have a Iroh from Last airbender on its way to me right now and I'm very excited, one if my favorite characters ever )

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I know we briefly touched on what gets painted first, but that reminded me of another fun question.

What do you use your Bones for?

I'm mostly a D&D guy so I paint up what I need for the next game, or sometimes the cool thing I want to paint motivates what goes into my next game.  Though recently I've been painting stuff up for Rangers of Shadow Deep, as it's given me some motivation to throw paint on some of the models I otherwise would overlook.


How about the rest of you?  I know some of yinz are just here for the painting, while others use them for non-D&D games.

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6 minutes ago, MoonglowMinis said:

I know we briefly touched on what gets painted first, but that reminded me of another fun question.

What do you use your Bones for?

Pathfinder mostly :) I'm very happy with the wide range of PCs Reaper has. And in this KS I got Brinewind and Dark Depths, the pirate ship, sirens... I guess I'm running a pirate campaign when Mummy's Mask is done

Also got Dungeon Dwellers because I have some holes in my collection of basic monsters.

The dragons I got for painting fun, I'm not sure if I'll make my players face them yet :P

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12 minutes ago, MoonglowMinis said:

I know we briefly touched on what gets painted first, but that reminded me of another fun question.

What do you use your Bones for?


Weekly D&D games!! 


I try to get paint on 'em, but lately it's just been bare plastic on the table (<_<).

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26 minutes ago, MoonglowMinis said:

What do you use your Bones for?

My main use is wargaming; mostly smaller skirmish and warband based rules: Frostgrave, Ghost Archipelago, and Feudal Patrol, as examples. Also use them for Leaders, Heroes, Wizards, and Generals in larger mass combat rules.   


And, of course, the monsters are mostly all usable in rules as single figure units, or like trolls, in small unit groups of 2-5.


 This is one of the reason I was so happy with the Kickstarter this time as there were so many “unit builder” groups of same-type figures in different poses for easily making units of 10 or more figures. 

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18 minutes ago, haldir said:

I try to get paint on 'em, but lately it's just been bare plastic on the table (<_<).

I have the same problem, but I try to tell myself that whether they're painted or not, they're still worth it!

16 minutes ago, Chris Palmer said:

This is one of the reason I was so happy with the Kickstarter this time as there were so many “unit builder” groups of same-type figures in different poses for easily making units of 10 or more figures. 

Yes!  Even as primarily an RPG player, I love having hordes of similar minis.  I'd always rather have a few different poses to prevent that clone-army look.  Always enjoy seeing the ways you adapt your minis to add some variety!

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