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Reaper Bones 5: Enthusiasm and Commentary thread

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something i drew many many many years ago   seems fitting

I totally agree with you in that those particular exaggerations are not very realistic in function. This was a challenging character/figure to create because I wanted her to read as feminine but als

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5 hours ago, Guyra said:

I just calculated that I've paid just below $2 per mini on average. $2 pirate ships.¬†ūüėā

You just inspired me to calculate my own - $1.91/mini - including pirate ship.  If you include all the cannons on the ship as separate pieces, it would be slightly less - but I couldn't remember how many cannons the ship actually comes with. 


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1 hour ago, kristof65 said:

You just inspired me to calculate my own - $1.91/mini - including pirate ship.  If you include all the cannons on the ship as separate pieces, it would be slightly less - but I couldn't remember how many cannons the ship actually comes with. 


Nice! Yeah, haven't counted those myself, but someone said it was 20 cannons. ūüôā

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9 minutes ago, R2ED said:

Just saying it's the 23rd.  That means it's "late April".  Which also means we've got to be SUPER CLOSE.  



Has there been any word on the remaining containers?  

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2 hours ago, Chris Palmer said:



Is that all that's missing at this point?  



Per Ron last night in Reaper Live!(ish).  Problems on the stream again.  Not as much though.

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1 minute ago, StarFyre said:

does that mean if we are in north america and didnt order any ships, they could be packing our boxes as we speak? :)




Potentially, but that may make some aspects difficult regarding how they organize the area for packing. If that container is expected imminently, they'll probably wait on it. That way they can do in-wave-order smoothly. When there were 3 items that didn't have enough shipped during Bones IV, they tried to partial-pack for the ones that needed those items and didn't have them in yet, but it was a bit messy on communication and organizing it. I'd think they may try to avoid that this time.

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      Been watching the previews for this on Bold's Instagram,  Some crazy cute models, this time sculpted by  Ismael Nieto.  I'm particularly fond of Bisa and Tori, the winners of the dino race, and the BatPacker is too cute.  Resin cast and STL like their last several releases.  I've picked up their STLs before and been very happy, Planning to try to swing for at least one in resin this time, though shipping from Sweden hurts.

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