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Reaper Bones 5: Enthusiasm and Commentary thread

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I haven't been given any specific information as to how the system for fulfillment is going to precisely operate.  I do know that whatever system it is, it was organized before the precise arrival of specific containers was known.  It's a significant logistical job, and while I do not know the specifics of the system in place I imagine it is not easy to just start going now even though the GitD ships ship separately.  (they may ship in separate boxes, for example, but still need to be processed at the same time for the order)


That said, AFAIK the plan was, is, and remains that everything comes in, gets organized, teams are set loose, and then fulfillment begins.  It sucks to be waiting on the ships if you don't have any of the ships to wait on, but if there's one thing Reaper's been really good with it's their logistics (that being why it doesn't usually take them three weeks to process web orders, or longer, like some companies I've dealt with).  The objective is that once fulfillment does begin, all of our stuff goes out the door in a timely and efficient manner.  They've had a lot of time to figure the system out by now, and they've had to try and build contingencies into it for container delays, etc.  It turned out that the last container was this one, but it could have been any of them.  It's a lot of moving parts.  But in any case, that's why we still have to wait for the GitD ships even if we didn't get any GitD ships.  (I did not get any ships)

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58 minutes ago, Fnordlover said:

Am I too late? Has anyone done, "They've been having problems finding long enough boxes, but are working hard to make things ship shape?"

No, I don't believe that ship has sailed yet.

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1 hour ago, the_largest_rodent said:

Ugh, the tide has really turned on all these ship puns, but I’m buoyed by the knowledge that we can keep this thread anchored in reality!

For real, who’d of thought @buglips*the*goblin would be the one to come swab the decks with reality. 

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3 hours ago, buglips*the*goblin said:


They promoted me to keep me from causing trouble.  I'm more rational than goblin now, twisted and reasonable.

Darth Buglips, stink lord of the Reaper side. 

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