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Reaper Bones 5: Enthusiasm and Commentary thread


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1 hour ago, pinkymadigan said:

Likely just a delay in the notification queue.

Also check your spam folder, and double check the email you used on the PM.

I'm Wave 1, backer 421 and still haven't received an email, but the trusty UPS app on my phone has already let me know that my package has left DFW on it's trip to the East Coast! The email queue seems to be significantly backed up, but i wouldn't worry . . . 

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8 hours ago, Grimheart said:


I get the distinct impression that Reaper changed their mind about "whatever hub is ready first will start shipping" and "hubs will only start shipping when everything is received" when it appeared that both the AU and UK hubs would be shipping first........

Suddenly news on the AU and UK hubs went quiet and disappeared into limbo and then the US hub miraculously starts shipping even though stuff is not all there.


If Reaper had said from the beginning that nothing would ship until the US hub was ready then I'd be fair enough......as it is I feel this is a joke, deliberately holding up other countries deliveries just because some americans might complain about not being first in line.



Reaper is not deliberately holding up AU orders.  The AU contractor handles many shipments from different companies, and even though the Reaper items arrived weeks ago, they had to get in line behind everything else they handle.  They stated they would be ready to begin shipping July 5th.  


As already stated the American orders had to start shipping, due to UPS contract expiration dates.  There's the very real possibility rates would go up if it had to be renegotiated, and there's already been enough complaining about shipping costs.  It's not a "miracle", it's business. 


Sorry you got your feelings hurt.  Everyone is excited and anxious, and while it might seem confusing from your point of view things are really going very well. 



6 hours ago, Nunae said:

I just hope everyone stays well hydrated and takes proper rests. On twitch yesterday they said the warehouse doesn't have AC, which sounds terrible in the Texan heat right now ...


It's not that bad, really.  Everyone down there is used to the heat, and from what I have seen on various weather sites it's not even all that hot yet.  We've had a constant stream of rain moving through Texas and the midwest this past week or more and it is keeping temps down. 





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2 minutes ago, Sirithiliel said:

nope nope nope not gonna scroll up and look at pics


but congrats anyways! keep hoping to see some notification of the container coming in 😛 i want to paint again...

Wait…. You have painted everything you have already acquired….? Srsly?

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