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Reaper Bones 5: Enthusiasm and Commentary thread


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4 hours ago, Inarah said:


Reaper is not deliberately holding up AU orders.  The AU contractor handles many shipments from different companies, and even though the Reaper items arrived weeks ago, they had to get in line behind everything else they handle.  They stated they would be ready to begin shipping July 5th.  


This comes down to communication again - I know that the AU shipment wasn't deliberately held up, but to those who don't know that, the Reaper update stating that shipping was expected to begin on 14 June then not hearing anything further about it until after the US has started shipping feels like it was deliberately delayed. If Reaper had been up front and as part of announcing that everything was in AU, but it was in a queue with the distributor there would be less grumbling about it.


There is a lot of news being shared that has apparently been announced in Twitch streams etc, but it has NOT been distributed through Kickstarter (which includes the July 5th shipping date for AU backers and that contractual reasons forced Reaper to start shipping US packages) and not all of us are able to access the multitude of different places that this data is being shared.

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2 hours ago, TGP said:

Wait…. You have painted everything you have already acquired….? Srsly?


i have a handful of things left and they're things i don't really want to paint. i haven't bought miniatures in over a year and a half, partially due to pandemic closing down all nearby game stores while we were in dallas, and then the one game store in the arizona town we moved to closed, leaving me with only online orders and what i want from reaper has never been restocked so..yea...


i've been waiting for a good few months for my kickstarter box so i can resume painting, not wanting to spend money on minatures i dont want or need just so i have something to paint

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@Reaper_Jon mentioned over on discord that they have been skipping the orders with the regular pirate ship. That could be why some people have not yet received notice for shipments. 


Edit: here are a couple more of his comments I found helpful/interesting.  I hope this helps others!



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Note from the discord for some of you in early US waves waiting for emails: they aren't pulling orders with regular pirate ships until start of the day June 30th.  This was to build up stock for the shipping service.  

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Congrats to those with shipping info or even a B O X already! Awesome to see the pictures aswell 😃


I can't help but wonder when we'll hear more of EU, they had 'promised' (predicted) an update yesterday.

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i paid the UPS fee online. $115 cdn. luckily will be split as 1/3 of the contents are not for me so its not as bad. we just split cost based on the price ratio between my stuff and the other guys...


it says it will arrive today but not sure how cause tracking says its in texas hehehe :D 

im expect it in the next few days



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I have a ship in my order. So it didn’t ship at wave 1! 

The hench women didn’t delay me, but the ship did? 

Sorry ladies, but the ship is too expensive to punish… so you guys will still rue the day! 

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I'm thinking the normal Ship caused delays as well due to the box size and shape being so unusual.  When they mentioned UPS agreements, it likely made any package containing it count as another class for when they did the group UPS pick up. 

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On 6/24/2021 at 2:02 PM, Reaper_Jon said:

From UPS:
** If you provide an email address, we will send them an email with a link to pay the fees. If not, it’s at delivery.
** So, everyone should be getting their tracking and at the same time a link to pay their fees. should


For Canadian's ^^^

How do we do this. I need step by step. I'm Not going to have a porch and it will take me time to answer the door. If someone even bothers to call and tell me they're there. My instructions will no longer be valid. This is super frustrating because I'm not free to go pick stuff at a depot. If stuff ships back I'm not paying to have it sent again and I will never support another kickstarter

1 hour ago, StarFyre said:

i paid the UPS fee online. $115 cdn. luckily will be split as 1/3 of the contents are not for me so its not as bad. we just split cost based on the price ratio between my stuff and the other guys...


it says it will arrive today but not sure how cause tracking says its in texas hehehe :D 

im expect it in the next few days



Can you explain the process?

20 hours ago, ksbsnowowl said:

Rune Wights add-on

Ok well I'm just gonna have all kinds of hassle. So hard to fi d all this info out 

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