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Reaper Bones 5: Enthusiasm and Commentary thread


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3 hours ago, Sirithiliel said:


i'm sitting at wave 2 with dragonfolk and shav


Exact same boat for me.  I was kinda hoping I'd get it sooner since my Shav was in my initial order but fingers crossed it at least gets here by Friday.

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22 minutes ago, ksbsnowowl said:

My giant box of shame hasn’t arrived yet, but someone in the KS comments pointed out that Arakoth’s legs are labeled in some way, on the sprue each leg is attached to, much like a sprue kit would be. 

I didnt see anything,  and a few legs came off in transit but I'll check again.doesnt help with proper cleaning etc.


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20 hours ago, Kangaroorex said:

Considering I am in one of the later waves AND I have most of the minis in the last shipment, I imagine it will be a while before mine shows up... mater of fact, since I am planning a work trip in 2 weeks, that will probably be when it ships :blink:

Race you to who gets their package first...  Mine shipped almost two weeks ago, and it's still bouncing around in USPS' system, hasn't even thought of making it to Canada yet.


14 hours ago, Zink said:

Package shipped today by USPS. Thank you Reaper for not going with a courier to a PO box and cross border. 


On the storage topic, I remove most of my minis from their individual baggy when checking to see I got everything. Then I transfer them to a large baggy sorted by classification. Wild life in one, hill giants in another, fighters, spellcasters, etc and then they are stuffed into boxes also somewhat sorted by theme. I saved a lot of space for unpainted minis just by getting rid of the little baggies and stuffing them tighter into boxes.

I personally would have preferred UPS, but that's because I would have had my order by now, instead of almost two weeks of it very slowly bouncing around within USPS' system...  But I also live in an area where their service is usaully a lot better by comparison.


I've literally had stuff from China and the UK that shipped around the same timeframe get here already, while my Bones V package hasn't even made it into Canada.

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1 hour ago, MissMelons said:

How big is the new Nathavarr? I bought...too many and couldn't find a picture of the new print that represents how big it is. 


Rumor has it that it's much smaller now??

Hopefully it isn't smaller, as the main selling point about it was "its the dragon from Dragons Don't Share 2".


Id offer to compare sizes, but my package has decided it wants a scenic grand tour of the US before getting to customs it seems ::P:

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5 hours ago, MissMelons said:

How big is the new Nathavarr? I bought...too many and couldn't find a picture of the new print that represents how big it is. 


Rumor has it that it's much smaller now??

That would seem strange, as it would require a whole new mold.  

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6 minutes ago, kristof65 said:

That would seem strange, as it would require a whole new mold.  


The original isn't really super large. I mean, it's big, but rather small compared to their larger dragons. I would agree, it would be strange since they would have to do new molds, and that just wouldn't make financial sense to spend 100k+ on a new mold when they already had one. This is the scale, although please forgive the absolutely terrible quality of the picture, I'm not all that great at taking photos of minis, and this was a rush job to get a pic to boot.




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3 minutes ago, kristof65 said:

I got to thinking that maybe the rumor about it being smaller really encompasses "includes less", which we know, since it doesn't include the whole ruins scene. 


Yeah, the footprint is far smaller without the ruins with the base.

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19 minutes ago, TripleH said:

It was just posted on FB a couple of minutes ago........ Container has arrived!!!

Yay!!! I hope it is the right one, has everything, and that they are able to start on it soon (hopefully not soon tm - hahaha). 

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