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Reaper Bones 5: Enthusiasm and Commentary thread

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8 minutes ago, dwarvenranger said:

Really, I have no problem on my phone, I can't remember the last time I used my PC for checking the forums.


It doesn't like to work for me. If I hit space to start a new paragraph, I have to manually click down to type because it doesn't move where I'm typing, just adds space at the bottom.


If I want to quote, half the time it won't let me type after quoting


If I send a message, it saves the message so that the next time I want to respond I have to delete what is there, and there is no mass delete option so I have to just hold the delete button down to delete the entire saved message


I can't use spoilers, etc etc. Just not very friendly on my phone

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I've had that happen.   The weird thing is a shutdown and restart fixed it.  It hasn't happened again.  Only thing I can't so is read the off topic forum listing.if there is a link to a topic I can read that topic but general off topic room won't start

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1 hour ago, Skallabjorn said:

I could not find a prohibition, so here it is. The campaign graphics and some update graphics as a pdf.


That's not working.


As far as I am aware, there is no prohibition on posting links to graphics/lists for inventory assistance.


I found this in the Bones5 information thread.



On 7/19/2021 at 11:44 PM, ShaneB said:

I made a checklist.  Here it is.




I've seen at least one other floating around somewhere as well.



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2 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

That's not working.


As far as I am aware, there is no prohibition on posting links to graphics/lists for inventory assistance.


I tried downloading and opening it on my system and it worked fine. Here is a Google drive link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HQW86z_cPyFSFlr_BqDF3_0lo4YNfGG1/view?usp=sharing





Updated to include 5th henchwoman. New link below.

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I did notice that on my fire tablet, the graphics were a little slow to load. I think that is due to size/detail. I use Sumatra PDF on my desktop system, and it opens fine. The Fire uses the Kindle software. I have not yet tried it on my phone.

10 minutes ago, Chaoswolf said:

Cool, thank you.


Do you mind if I post that in the Bones5 info thread?


Go right ahead. I thought it might be easier if people culd use a handheld rather than a desktop or (what I did for the previous ones) a hard copy printout of the graphics. I know, "Thick as a Brick". But I do catch on eventually.




Tested on my Android LG Phoenix 4, works fine. So it should work for most that can read PDF files. Let me know how it works for you all.

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3 hours ago, Sirithiliel said:


GOD i hate reaper mobile. SO MUCH


i spent 10 minutes trying to reply to this quote and it never would type anything but the quote, so i had to go to my PC and boot it up just to respond. the mobile version really sucks now. I can't even put the quote at the TOP of my post, it won't let me.


anyways i guess i could try and finish it. probably should finish it, even if it's a quick job


but yea. these forums on mobile are horrible

Another possible solution for you, as I had to do this with one of my Bones minis: take a metal rod, like a long piece of what you would use for pinning, embed one end directly behind the culprit and then bend it in such a way that it lines up along the back of the model and glue it all down. Then paint over it. I did that on the back of one and it worked really well, and since it's on the back you can't see the rod

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RE: forum troubles


I generally do fine with mobile aside from lack of spoiler tags, but typing in basic BBCode doesn't work anymore on mobile or desktop and it makes life hell sometimes lol.


Anywho. Have not inventories Bones yet. I don't have a lot, but it may be a little while.


I feel some painting coming on though. It's been... quite a while for me. But I'm feeling the call of the wild. Or the elder gods or whoever it is that does the calling, I dunno.

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