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Reaper Bones 5: Enthusiasm and Commentary thread


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17 minutes ago, Sirithiliel said:

looks like UPS is content to hold my package until it's actual delivery day tomorrow =(


was hoping theyd just put it out a day early since they have it

Mine was supposed to deliver yesterday... then I got the email saying "A mechanical failure has delayed delivery. We're adjusting plans to deliver your package as quickly as possible"


And when checking my tracking number yesterday it said "Check back tomorrow for an updated delivery date."... 


... and checking it today it said "Check back tomorrow for an updated delivery date." still 😞


Tried to call to see if I could pick it up before my d&d game tonight because its 30 minutes from me, and got a vaguely hopeful answer at 930 this morning, saying they'd contact the facility and I should hear back in an hour or so... then four hours later I call again and find out that the first guy didn't know what he was talking about, that facility is closed/has no customer service on Sundays, and it is therefore not possible to do anything about it today. 


Tonight is when my group first fights ship to ship in their pirate campaign. I was really hoping to have a ship by then (and a few more nice pirate minis)

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After a full inventory, it looks like I'm missing the clay golem from the Core Set, I've got a miscast barbarian dude from the Core Set, and one of my boxes of new paint colors had 2 oxide yellows instead of a leafbud green. And I'm missing the dice, of course, but I expected that. Overall, not bad! I'm going to have to get a new organization system for unpainted minis, though. Most of my Bones 4 are still unpainted...

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Just now, Adrift said:

I haven’t been keeping up; what’s the deal with us all not getting the dice?

Some (possibly most) core sets are missing the Sophie's Lucky Dice - the factory was meant to be packaging the dice inside of the core set box, but it was discovered that they were not in there so they were manually adding a bag of the dice to core set orders, only to discover that what they thought was the entire bulk of the dice sets was actually just the add-on dice plus extras, so they would either be very short on dice in both categories (core set & add-ons) or they could fulfill the entirety of the add-on orders and just leave them out of the core sets. They made the call to continue shipping core sets without the dice. If you ordered the dice as an add-on, you should still receive them, as they set the stock aside, it is only the core set that should be missing the dice. If you are one of the people who is missing Sophie's Lucky Dice from your core set, please email [email protected] and they will add you to the list and when they have them in they will be shipped to you (at no additional cost to you.)


If you didn't receive them and don't want them, then all you have to do is not email them.

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21 hours ago, Marvin said:

I don't think UPS delivers on Sunday at all, do they? We don't even get Saturday, out here in the sticks.


I think FedEx delivers on Saturdays but UPS doesn't do weekends, I think.



15 minutes ago, Adrift said:

If they have them in time for ReaperCon, I’ll just harass Ron, then. Why make them pay to ship them. Not that I really need more dice. 


If my Core doesn't have the set, I may use this option as well. Not like I need more dice (blasphemy!!!) & tbh, I'm not a fan of different colored "set" dice anyways. Still, they are suppose to be part of what I'm getting, so I can always give them to someone if I don't really like them.


Countdown to around 5 & 6. At least with knowing when UPS shows up around here, I'm not tied to the house all day.

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55 minutes ago, Sirithiliel said:

my main order is out for delivery, but apparently they didn't put my pirate ship on the truck today as it's still 'processing for delivery' and not 'out for delivery'. 

I noticed something similar in my UPS tracking numbers. Though both of my boxes are being shipped at the same place, seeing at what hour they got updated (an hour difference), I'm pretty certain they got separated along the way.


So if they get mixed in with tons of other parcels along the way, it's not inconceivable that a box gets sorted on a different day.

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