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Reaper Bones 5: Enthusiasm and Commentary thread


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4 minutes ago, the_largest_rodent said:

I’ve still got a lot to inventory, but I can tell there are a ton of discrepancies. Multiples of things I either ordered only once or not at all, and several things missing. I wonder if my ordee got mixed up with someone else’s?


Guessing the best way to deal with this is [email protected]?


Yes, email [email protected]

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It arrived ~10 minutes outside of the estimated time window! The UPS guy was grateful that I got it to the door and he didn't need to bring it back, lol.


It also appears that Reaper is reusing boxes. Mine has printed on it Chronoscope Expansions, and had cardboard damage and tape underneath the box-it-up tape. But eh, seems like it was all sealed up.


Time to inventory it!

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45 minutes ago, Sirithiliel said:

mine's not here yet, but it will eventually


the ship is out for delivery now too, estimated delivery tonight. so yea they just ended up on different trucks


my little truck map tracker hasnt moved since i posted this haha. it's now 30 min over its delivery time

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Basic Inventory is done. Reaper sent me all the correct packages, in the correct quantities. Now I need to do the detailed inventory, to see if the factory filled the packages correctly before sending them to Reaper. This is the scary part, as I do not have a lot of faith in Chinese QA practices. We shall see.

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I wish I'd gotten more Wall of Thorns. Our cleric has been using it a ton... since I put the order in though. And I didn't touch it much after placing the order. Oh well. It'll get to retail eventually.

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Ok, inventoried all the loose packaging. Will go through the boxed sets tomorrow. Definitely an order mix-up. I've already emailed [email protected] so now I wait. In the meantime, if anyone is curious...


What I ordered but did NOT receive was:

Power Up: Dragonslayers x1

Disapproving Hand Spell Effect x1

Mounted Wraiths x2

Extra Walls of Stone x1

Extra Walls of Thorns x1

Power Up: Demonic Legion Option x1

Power Up: Beastmen Option x1

Fire Giant Hellbringer x1

Goroloth x1

Storm Giant x1

Arakoth the Ancient x1

Elemental Scions x1

Kaiju Chaos x1

Henchmen and Hirelings x1

Base Boss 1" Round RPG Bases x1

Base Boss 2" Round RPG Base x1

Base Boss 3" Round RPG Base x2

New MSP Paint Colors x1

MSP: Foerster's Favorites x1


What I did NOT order but received was:

Chronoscope Expansion x1

Extra Catfolk x1

Extra Overgourd x1

Extra Halloween x1

Option Runewight x1

Mouslings x1

Extra the Living Dead x1

Charnel Pit of the Ghoul Queen x1(missing one figure)

Sophie’s Lucky Dice x1

Aganzarax x1

Extra Petey the Pizza Dungeon Mascot x1

Spiders of Emrith Kul x1

Encounter at Mandupar Pass x1

Yokai x1

Shadows of Ravenhome x1

Rocky Brush Holder x1

Extra Pirate Maiden Figurehead x1

Extra Hippocampus Figurehead x1

1” Round RPG Bases (50 count)

2” Round RPG Bases (25 count, but 1 is damaged)



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Sounds like they shipped you somebody else's stuff. 


I'm not positive 'cause I haven't counted mine, but I think the 25 and 50 bases you received were the ones that were included in the core set.



Apparently, I forgot to order one of each alternate figurehead for the ship; I know I had meant to. I hope they ill eventually show up in retail. 

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Aaaaahhhhhhhbhhhhhhhhh. Inventory. Everything arrived. Wasn't unduly surprised by anything expected to love--the terrain was the name ggest attraction for me, and it looks as great as expected--but the biggest surprise were the dragonfolk. The detail on them looks fantastic. Bones Black is really doing it to it.


And... the ship. Oh my gosh. Even knowing, kinda, I really didn't know. It's so amazing.


Dry-fitted the big parts and staged a little just to see. If I actually get it painted, and ever actually host a game again, it's actually gonna be so much fun. Reconsidering my previous decision a few years ago that I really didn't need an airbrush now tho.


Please forgive my poorly painted minis. The fun has already begun.











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