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Reaper Bones 5: Enthusiasm and Commentary thread

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Thoughts while inventorying:


- the mammoth is amazing and massive

- dear God shavynra comes in a big bag and looks gigantic unassembled compared to the other dragons

- my giant spider came with legs on their sprues so I know what is what, yay

- yogg saroth whatever has a scary number of tentacles visible in the bag 

- shadow dragon has hilariously TINY hands for how beefy his arms are

- there is so much stuff in dark depths 

- chicken swarm is amazing


Over all I'm missing 1item, but it is also an item I don't care about do not worth the effort lol

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Apparently the ship got a head start.  I came downstairs to put my shoes on & there was a long box in my computer chair. 

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So far my inventorying is going well. Got one of the shrines in Brinewind that has a broken off missing arm, which I would like to replace since I like the shrine. Missing dice from core. The goat with the kid adventurers is missing a tail but I think I can greenstuff one. 


The big figures of the expansion sets are really hit or miss on quality. The hydra and medusa in Greek are amazing but the Cerberus is poorly fit and the fit design isn't very good. The crocosaurus in Depths is amazing and well fit, but the water beholder thing is poorly fit and designed. The merfolk are amazing and honestly better than Reaper metal merfolks. My only disappointment is that Reaper doesn't follow my head-canon about mermen: mermen have egg pouches like seahorses. 


Checking the add-ons and ship tomorrow. 

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2 hours ago, Cyradis said:

So far my inventorying is going well. Got one of the shrines in Brinewind that has a broken off missing arm, which I would like to replace since I like the shrine. 


Mine is the same. It's very hard to tell from the graphic; is it maybe supposed to be that way? Anyone?

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1 minute ago, Cintra said:

I agree, my Meriwyn shrine also has an arm stub, and from the art, I think that's how it's intended to be.




Yes, another confirmation here.  Mine is armless as well, and studying the image on Kickstarter, I pretty much confirmed that's how it's supposed to be.  Didn't @Rainbow Sculptor do the shrines?  Maybe she can confirm.

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The courier shenanigans are on track.


My packages have been handed over to another courier (GLS Logistics - Dicom), and they just called me because they don't deliver to PO boxes (of course...). Meaning I have to give my home address, and it will be delivered tomorrow (one day later... again). Oh, and they haven't received all of the boxes either.


Hopefully, they won't deliver when I'm out for an appointment.




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2 hours ago, Cintra said:

agree, my Meriwyn shrine also has an arm stub, and from the art, I think that's how it's intended to be.

Can we please not have sculpted broken arms. If we want to have a broken arm we can easily use a scalpel. I will probably use one of my historic hands and sculpt the arm back on, but that will push it to the back of the queue.


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1 minute ago, R2ED said:









Mine is the same. It'll be here between 5 & 6 pm, just like always. My house is one of the last stops in the day for UPS. Ship was tagged/dropped at 5:10 pm yesterday.

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17 hours ago, Cyradis said:

I wish I'd gotten more Wall of Thorns. Our cleric has been using it a ton... since I put the order in though. And I didn't touch it much after placing the order. Oh well. It'll get to retail eventually.

I almost had the opposite problem.  I ordered a bunch of them in anticipation of the Druid casting that spell a lot, and the druid player dropped out of the game back in February. 

But the new player who just joined decided that she wanted to play a Druid, so it worked out.   Except that assembling 25 of the little b*******s is not going to be fun. Didn't realize those would come unassembled. 

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