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Reaper Bones 5: Enthusiasm and Commentary thread

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12 hours ago, Skallabjorn said:

This was going to be the fourth one. Again, nice design, too bad she did not make it.



Does that mean the bed didn't make it either, or just the figure sitting on the bed?


I now remember the original issue was likely the orc lady leaning against the bed, so they turned her pose into a free-standing figure, but then decided to try sculpting a new figure to go with the bed. It's a shame, I quite liked where they went with this one!

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Well, this is irritating.  I just discovered that one of the figures in the elves set is missing her head.  As far as I can recall it's the first missing item I've had since Bones I.

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37 minutes ago, Jeronimus said:

Does that mean the bed didn't make it either, or just the figure sitting on the bed?


I now remember the original issue was likely the orc lady leaning against the bed, so they turned her pose into a free-standing figure, but then decided to try sculpting a new figure to go with the bed. It's a shame, I quite liked where they went with this one!


The bed made it in, it is in my set. It is just the additional (fourth) doxy that was cancelled.

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19 minutes ago, Skallabjorn said:

It is just the additional (fourth) doxy that was cancelled.

Which is a pity, since I really liked the pose. Luckily I have the courtesan from the Dunkendorf range and the pose is similar enough.



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I’m maybe 75%(?) through deep-level inventory of my Bones 5 stuff. Found a small handful of issues (less than 10), almost all of them factory QC and mis-pack issues. 

Been really pleased that my health has been good enough this week to power through so much of it already. Just need to get through two Core Sets, two more expansions, three pirate ships, and the sanity-ending elder god. 

Then I just have to wait on my buddy to go through his stuff before I email help to get the issues resolved. 

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Got home to find a somewhat soggy pair of boxes by our door. (The UPS guy didn't knock... and it was supposed to be sent to a pickup point, not here.)


One box was about a foot and a half cube.


The other... about four foot by one.


When I was young,  talked my folks into ordering a submarine from the back of a comic book.


When it arrived, it was, of course, a printed cardboard box.




But for six year old Grump, it was exactly what I wanted.


Seeing the Sophie's Revenge felt exactly like that box felt like for six year old Grump. ::):


The Auld Grump - I will be honest - I would totally buy that submarine for Brigid, if they still made it - or the space ship by the same company.


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Just to let other EU customers know, I got my shipping notice today, my pledge is in the middle, around 450€.
Now, living in the middle of the ocean and having to face two Customs, I do not expect my toys before the end of august 😅

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  • Moderator

>.> A couple of days late posting this, but in case anyone did not see the latest update that went out on July 28, 2021:


Kickstarter update #134: USA Fulfillment is Complete; UK and AU Warehouses Still Shipping




Hello Backers!

Just another quick update to keep you guys in the loop:

USA fulfillment is complete! All orders for the US zone have been completed and shipped. If you have not received a shipping notice, please log into the Reaper Pledge Manager and then click on Order History in the upper right-hand corner. If there is any tracking information, it will be here. If you don't see any tracking, please contact [email protected] 

UK Zone shipping is over 25% complete as of today. The UK team is working hard to get all orders for the UK and Europe out as quickly as possible.

AU Zone shipping is still underway at 51% complete but has been slowed by the new regulations recently put into place. Our partners at Aetherworks put out a statement on Monday and reads as follows: "Aetherworks is operating in compliance to current regulations and advice to ensure the safety of our employees and the community. Should circumstances change, we will push updates through relevant channels and manage accordingly. Please note that due to COVID, some shipments outside of AU/NZ may be delayed.  As noted on Monday, we have several staff who cannot travel to work due to the current lockdown, so while we are still operating, this may cause operations to slow down." They also state that they expect fulfillment to take a couple more weeks to finish up.

Pledge Manager Re-Opened - Second-Chance Summer

We have re-opened the Reaper Pledge Manager for Bones 5! 

Our primary reason for re-opening the Reaper Pledge Manager is to allow the almost 2000 backers who did not close their pledge a final opportunity to do so.  This is also the last chance for anyone who missed the Kickstarter to get Bones 5 products at Kickstarter pricing.

 Bones 5 Backers who did not finalize their pledges: please log into the Reaper Pledge Manager and finalize your Bones 5 order that you pledged for in 2019. This will be your last chance to get your Bones 5 rewards.

 Anyone else: you MUST create a new account (old account log-in information will *not* work) and choose whatever you want. Forgot to order a Dark Depths Expansion? Now's your chance. Missed that dragon? Go get it now. Tell all your friends that missed out on Bones 5!

 The Reaper Pledge Manager will only be open for a limited time. Right now that window looks like 90 days, closing somewhere around the beginning of October.

 ALL ORDERS from this re-opening will ship in early 2022.

 Limited Items: not everything from the Bones 5 Kickstarter is available.  If you don't see an item, it will be available at retail in 2022.

As always, we appreciate you guys sooo very much! Have a great week!


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4 hours ago, Chris Palmer said:

Just discovered from someone’s post on Facebook that there’s also a mouse on the Ogre cart! I had not noticed before. 
Hiding by the barrel…


Maybe that's who chewed off the cat's ear??

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Looks like a front leg for Nathavarr was missing, so I sent my email to Reaper CS. Otherwise only one basic ghoul and the dice missing, so not necessarily worth it for only those. But the dragon limb... kinda want that. It'll be delayed, but that's okay. It'll get fixed eventually.

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Inventory done. everything is off the sprues and test fitted. Out of 41.5 pounds of Bones, not counting ships (3 for another 36 pounds), There were TWO errors, both factory, rather than Reaper issues.


1) Out of 3 sets of Rune Wights, one set had 2 of #283 (sword and shield) and was missing #279 (archer). I kinda feel bad for submitting this one, but UNDEAD VIKING ARCHER. Kind of hard to find.


2) As someone else mentioned, my Arakoth has 2 sets of the #2 legs, and no #3 legs. I do not know if this is as designed, or if it is an actual issue, but I will submit it anyway.


Otherwise all looks good. I can definitely see the improvement in the quality and detail of the castings.Honestly, for many, I am uncertain I will be able to do them justice.


A side note: test fitting the Goblins reminded me of why I got away from 1/72 multipart plastic minis. There are advantages to the 28/32mm "standard". If I wanted to do assembly with tweezers, and paint with a jewelers loupe, I would play Napoleonics or WRG. Although HoTT, DBM, and DBA are fun enough for me to be willing to dip a toe in the waters of that world.

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This demonstrates the importance of a detailed inventory, down to a test fit. If I had just counted minis, or even worse, packages, I would have missed both of these issues. Granted, they are minor, but as Gaius Octavianus Augustus said "Trust, but verify".


A side note to the side note- Funny how the Romans gave their children names like "Octavius" (eigth), "Quintus" (fifth), and "Septimus" (seventh). In some ways it is like a Japanese person named "Sakura" (cherry blossom), or my ID, which in Old Norse is "Bald Bear".

Edited by Skallabjorn
spelling (again)
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13 hours ago, Skallabjorn said:

2) As someone else mentioned, my Arakoth has 2 sets of the #2 legs, and no #3 legs. I do not know if this is as designed, or if it is an actual issue, but I will submit it anyway.

That is not as designed, and you should submit it. See this post to see the correct legs, and their sprue labels. 


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