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Reaper Bones 5: Enthusiasm and Commentary thread


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8 hours ago, R2ED said:

No.  Don't go back on the 5.5 PM.  I do not need more.  I do NOT need more.  Don't do it... Resist temptation. 

Oh, that reminds me... we have to pay for getting more stuff.


[Logs into pledge manager. Momentary hesitation. Do I really *need* more stuff? A slow cartoon villain laughter comes out of me. Clicks "PAY"]

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6 minutes ago, Serenity said:


Did you try the trick where you add +XXX to your email name?  So like [email protected]?  I found out that would work on my email account, and that was a new idea to me when I heard about it. 


I didn't, but I'm not worried, about the only thing I didn't get was the villagers. I told myself when the original PM closed I was happy & I needed things for retail, thou with some of the recent releases, I'm not sure I'll even get them as I'd rather have them in singles & not box sets (see beastmen for example).

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5.5 isn't for me, I had gotten the models i wanted in bones 4, and bones 5. I did splurge when I accidentally misclicked the forums though, ended up on the website and saw the reapercon brush holder was in stock for EU. The ball rolled down the hill at that point, catching a few triads, some neat figures and 2 learn-to-paint kits for a friend along the way.

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Thank you for reminding me.

I'll gonna get the ghost ship. I was very concerned about ordering it before seeing it in customers' hands, since it's such a large piece in translucent plastic and I couldn't really imagine it not seeming blobby around the connecting points. I quite like what I've seen so far and I'll try to paint it halfway, so it looks as if some planks have rotten away/broken off, revealing the glowy bits in their place. Fingers crossed it'll work out I guess.

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Big thanks for doing another round of the PM. it helped me deal with feeling like i missed something.  Not to mention it was great to see more items once the first delivery was made.  I really, really appreciate the opportunity to spend more with this company.  Woo hoooo!


Now more nail biting until delivery.  January, right? 

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I got a 2nd Rocky. A friend is gonna get the first one when she goes in for surgery, since she loves to knit/plans to do that during recovery and he should look really cute throwing needles. Should at least keep unfriendly room mates in check.

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