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Reaper Bones 5: Enthusiasm and Commentary thread


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37 minutes ago, the_largest_rodent said:

Have they said when they’ll ship Bones 5.5?


According to the KS page: 


"The second wave of selections for Bones V is now closed. Please bear with us while we prepare your order.

We anticipate delivery Spring 2022.


Bones V Pledge Manager by Reaper Miniatures.

Have questions? Check our FAQ.

© 2021"



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So Bones V was my first Bones Kickstarter... And I'm still remembering fondly how exciting it was to refresh my browser non-stop to see what was coming next. It was like a drug. Looking forward to the next one, though, after spending nearly a grand and having only started painting one of them (the three-headed troll), I am glad it didn't land this year! 

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12 hours ago, StarFyre said:

Hope everyone is good,


Been a while.  What ~is~ this bones 5.5?






Reaper reopened the pledge manager for a second shot. But it is closed now. 


29 minutes ago, vpoirier000 said:

lots of people wanted the pledge manager to stay open
so they kept it open this summer for a second coming of bones 5

This ^ was not the fundamental purpose, at all. 

The reason Reaper did a 5.5 was that they had 2000+ people that did pledge money, but never went into the pledge-manager and never finished up. Thus  Reaper had no idea what items they wanted or any address to ship them to. 

5.5 was those folks last shot at closing out their pledge = primary purpose. 

But secondarily, Reaper allowed people to do second orders and maybe even allowed folks that had never pledged to participate just to reach MOQs (minimum order quantities) and also to be excellent to customers and fans.


I think they got the number of never pledgers whittled down to less than 1200? but I don’t know the real number. 

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Hi everyone,

what did/would you provide to your customs if they ask for the complete order or invoice - including order number, name, address, order and shipping prices ?

I can't find anything in my mailbox.



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13 hours ago, cMe said:

Hi everyone,

what did/would you provide to your customs if they ask for the complete order or invoice - including order number, name, address, order and shipping prices ?

I can't find anything in my mailbox.




I would try logging into the pledge manager, pulling up the "order history" and printing that.


I double-checked my pledge manager and that seems to have everything.


I just saw you got the same advice in another thread.  I'm sorry it didn't work.  Your local customs office must specialize in a particularly vicious form of bureaucracy.

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  • Moderator

Sorry I'm just getting to post this over here. Before I do, I want to add a note that this does NOT apply to the Bones 5.5 pledge manager preorders, those will still be going out in 2022.


Kickstarter Update #139: Bones 5 Comes to an Official End




Greetings everyone~

Well, it’s time to close this Kickstarter. There are still a few orders that never locked in that we must deal with. We have placed orders for all replacement pieces we are out of; if you have already contacted [email protected] you are on list that will automatically ship to you when the pieces arrive. For us, it's safe to say that we are done with this one and will be taking some time off for the holidays!

Below is a list of information designed to bring your Kickstarter experience to a positive conclusion.

For Shipments sent from our USA or Australian facilities please email [email protected]

For Shipments sent from our UK facility please email [email protected]


Shipment Lost or Stolen

Your tracking information says that the package was delivered, but you do not have it. You must open a claim (sometimes called a Trace Process) with the carrier for a stolen or misdelivered package. Once you have done so, contact us at [email protected] with your order number and tracking number as shown on your pledge manager, and any claim number or confirmation number provided, and we will follow up.


You can open such a claim at the link below - simply provide the information requested and follow all necessary steps.

USPS Domestic


USPS International


If it becomes necessary to send a second shipment, we may request a new delivery address for your replacement shipment, to help ensure proper delivery.


I have no Shipping/Tracking e-mail

You can find your tracking number on the Pledge Manager. Simply log in, and it will be in the right above your itemized list of rewards. If no tracking number shows up, please contact us at [email protected] with your order number and we will try to get it sorted out as fast as we can.


Tracking Information has stopped Updating

Your package has been sitting in Bensenville, IL for days/weeks with a status of "Package departed international carrier facility" or similar. (This is common for International Backers.)


Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the "status" of your package, and it is especially well known that some National Postal Systems do not integrate their data well with the USPS or UPS. For some customers, Tracking will end once it leaves the US (or reaches Bensenville), and you may not even receive an update that it has arrived in your country. The notice you have "Departed for International Carrier Facility" means it has been handed over to your National Postal Service, (or at least was loaded on a plane to go to your country's post), and in many cases, tracking simply stops there. You may ask your National Post if they can locate the parcel for you, but not all tracking numbers provided by the US Postal System are considered valid numbers by all international carriers. However, most UPS Tracking Numbers carry through and once it has cleared customs will pick up tracking in the destination country.


Be aware that we have access to the same data that you do, and as we no longer have the packages, have no data more than you have.


Missing Item from My Order OR Missing "Bit" from a Model

If you are missing one or more models or one or more parts from a model (whether an entire model or simply an arm/head/weapon/etc.) please contact us to receive a replacement.


Send an e-mail to [email protected] with your order number, a shipping address to send the replacement part, and the part number as shown on the large graphics of the Home Page of the Kickstarter Project (Bones 5). This part number is the only way we have to be sure that we are supplying the correct part.


We will not "replace" parts which are not listed on your Invoice or were not locked in on your Pledge Manager account.


The Address It was Shipped to is Incorrect

The package has already been shipped. We are unable to change the address in transit.


If the package is returned to us and we must reship, you have to pay for the second shipment, and you will have to provide a new address - we will not send a second shipment to the same ‘wrong’ address.


I Just Realized I didn’t complete my Pledge Manager
Contact [email protected] ReaperMini.com and they will help you sort it out.


Anything Else

If you have any other questions, or a problem not discussed above, please contact us at [email protected] with your order number and the e-mail address associated with your pledge, and we will do everything we can to help you.


Please DO NOT include screenshots or attachments of photographs of the miniatures or boxes when you e-mail us unless we request it. Our inboxes are very clogged, and this extra information often only makes your message open slower and does not usually help us to find a resolution.


Please remember we are going through emails as fast as we can. If you are rude or abusive in your e-mail to us, we will move your e-mail to the end of the queue.


Thank you for everything!


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Having been ill and busy with Important Life Stuff, I've not really been able to enjoy my hoard of Bones V stuff much yet. However, yesterday I was able to paint my first Bones V mini, the Brinewind Swabbie! 😄

Was also finally able to go through everything(not the core set yet), and I only seem to be missing the seven merfolk from the Dark Depths expansion. (I've no doubt Reaper's awesome customer service will have that fixed in a jiffy once I let them know!) 🙂 

Also started putting Sophie's Revenge together. That thing is absolutely ridiculously big! xD

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