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D.E.I. - Divide et Impera

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    • By SamuraiJack
      <link here>
      Well, well, dear friends. After months without knowing anything concrete about us (just the rumor of a big project) and as today is a day to celebrate love (for the miniatures), it is time to shed light and dissipate the fog around our secrecy.
      As of today, we have two main themes to address.
      -The first: NEW PROJECT
      -The second: What about our current models and their stock?
      Today we will only talk about the first topic. On Monday, with the next post, we'll talk about the second one.
      1. NEW PROJECT.
      It is a project of 3D PRINTABLE SCENERY (FDM), both for our Dwarfs of the Magmhorin Realm, and for the ancient Saurians of the Cuetzpal Empire. As good fans and collectors that we are, we know of the deficiencies that exist for both armies as far as buildings, statues and terrain, which represent faithfully and with a GREAT QUANTITY of details the places where they live and fight our favorite armies.
      This is why we bring you enough pieces to assemble from a small skirmish to a Ziggurat of more than a meter and a half or a miniature city of Tenochtitlan. The renders we show you today are just two of the examples we have worked on, since all the pieces are modular and the limit is in your imagination (in the future we will show you different construction options).
      As we have said a little bit above, this is a project EXCLUSIVELY of 3D files. Why? For three reasons:
      - The cost of production and distribution of the set, as well as its weight (and its derived shipping costs and complications) would be totally unsustainable, neither for us as a small company, nor for you as backers.
      - We want to offer a very affordable product for all pockets and adaptable to all needs, both in terms of scale, playability, printing time, printer availability, etc.
      -The waiting period once the Pledge Manager is completed will be weeks instead of months.
      Although we don't have an exact launch date yet, the project will most likely be released in early April, so keep your money in your pocket, because something VERY BIG is coming.
      We have worked on this project at least SIX months to not leave anything in the air and the 3D modeling is almost finished (95%), as well as most of the printing tests too. During the next weeks we will be showing new renders, prints, painted models and videos, so you can see the infinite possibilities this set has.
      We are VERY excited to share this new release with you, and hope you get as excited as we do. Any suggestions, ideas or comments are more than welcome.
      As always, thank you very much for your support and patience during these months of waiting.



    • By SamuraiJack
      The fuel driving us is to bring to life an entire new and unique range of fantasy (and sci-fi!) models, perfect for your wargames and roleplaying campaigns.
      Shieldwolf Miniatures is the largest Southeast European tabletop wargaming company, with proven expertise in the creation and distribution of fantasy & sci-fi miniature figures. Our products are made with the highest quality Hard Plastic (HIP) and resin to assemble and paint. The production of our kits take place in the E.U., under our complete control.
      This Kickstarter campaign seeks funds to release new and unique armies for our game, War is Coming. We commence with the Forest Goblins, after which we expand to the Drotts (Fantasy Common Goblins) and Drottchins (Science Fiction Goblins). Below you will find a complete description of the first plastic kit from the ones planned for this project, including locked stretch goals. These are representing items all included in the final product.
      Contains enough parts to fully assemble 25 hard-plastic Forest Goblins (Infantry) Overall view of the Pledge Levels and Rewards
    • By SamuraiJack
      <link here>
      Miniature only KS to support the eventual game KS



    • By SamuraiJack
      Coming in January maybe



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