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Painted my first miniature!

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SO a couple of months ago i bought a bunch of miniatures and painting supplies, finally had some time to start and this is my first attempt. I tried following some zenithal priming and glazing/highlighting technique tutorials on youtube. I would very much appreciate any tips, constructive criticism!


EDIT: added my second and third attempts. Tips still appreciated :)


Thanks for all the feedback so far. I'm still painting holding the base because I haven't had a chance to go out and grab some tacky tape. I will grab some today. For the moment, I've been using a matte sealer in a spray can; is this okay or should I get something for my air brush? Still learning to use the airbrush - flow is a bit much as it's hard for me to just press down the right amount to get less paint flow.


I also have a big pewter dragon that doesn't seem to want to stay together no matter how much green stuff and super glue i put on it. I guess i'll have to resort to trying pinning. WIll post results when i get around to it!








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I think you did a great job!


Now, when you look at the back of his feet, you can already see some paint chipping from handling.

Touch it up, and when dry apply a sealer. Reaper brush on sealer is a good one, or a Matt Antishine Varnish spray from Army Painter for instance.

This will protect the paint from handling.


I like what you did, he looks awesome, for me the mini would look even better when you painted and flocked that base.

A little sand or static grass makes it look more real, although some gamers don't bother with bases.


You have good brush control from the look of it.

Highlights can always be pushed a little further, but I think you can be proud of this one.


To be honest, if this is your first attempt, than you have a real talent.

Most first attempts are not in this league.

Well done!

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Base that guy! 


Also, if you want, highlight the "ridges" of the fur and leggings more. Or just do that on your next miniature. 


Were you holding it by the base while painting? Stick it onto a paint pot so you can more easily handle it! 


Keep painting!!!

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Phenomenal result for a first miniature! Really well done! Good brush control and a nice choice of colors. If I have to advise something, it would be to add a nice base. 


If this is the quality of your painting for a first time, you have to be a real talent. Like the others have already said, keep painting!

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You rocked your first mini!


I definitely recommend putting your figures on a holder of some sort for while you work on them. Finger grease will wear at the paint, and then prevent more from going down. I hot glue or poster-tack my figures to a wine cork usually.


Fur texture seems to be shaded with washes, which is great! It can go one step further by highlighting, either manually, or with drybrushing.


Advice you'll hear time and time again - more shadows, more highlights, more contrast. That takes time and practice, and familiarizing your eye to the idea.


Stick around with the hobby and keep us all posted on progress. You're off to a great start.

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