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Disciple of Sakura

My Cabbages!

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15 hours ago, PhantomAquarist said:

Wow! Those cabbages look real! Nice job! :)

Thanks. They're crumpled up pieces of straw wrapping paper collected from frequent fast food trips while on vacation. Then poured copious amounts of liquid superglue onto them so they'd harden up and not expand when exposed to paint.

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    • By aku-chan
      Presenting Remus Raducan, part of the Blood Wolf faction in Reapers Dreadmere setting.
      Struggled to find this guy that interesting to paint, and as a result he ended up a bit lacklustre.
      As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
    • By aku-chan
      Presenting Mary Jo, a member of the River Widows faction from Reapers Dreadmere setting.
      Had a lot of fun painting this one, and as a bonus she turned out pretty decent too!
      As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
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      Part of Bones4, IIRC.  Started him at Reapercon, didn't get far with all the distractions.  Did some work on him over Thanksgiving but didn't get him finished enough to count for the paint binge.  Started withe the bright purple robe and then wasn't sure where to take him after that.  Teal happened. It worked. Just glad to have it done at this point so I can move on.  

    • By Tolex Cat
      My DM asked if I had a unicorn mini for our session this weekend. I didn't have one but I did have this mini. I actually thought it was a reimagined Peryton initially so I went with a fantastical color palette. Something bright and happy before it reveals itself evil, lol. The most dangerous creatures can be the most colorful. It was nagging me that it didn't fit the Peryton characteristics so I looked into a little further and realized it was a nature spirit instead. I would have used a more natural color palette if I had realized that in advance but I kind of dig it anyway. Trying my hand at making an interesting base for the first time, I wanted another item to help anchor it. I played around with a few ideas and then remembered I had this little mini. The wolptinger is from the Familiar line from Raging Hereos. He has the most adorable angry face. 
      I just see this story playing out in my head of this beautiful, colorful Nature Spirit wandering the world with his more natural, angry bunny buddy. 

      I think of the blending of blues and purples came out successfully enough. It's a step in the right direction for me. For the first time, creating a real base for it, that was complicated and fun. The moral of the stories is that while a plan is best, sometimes you just roll with it anyway and it will turn out alright. 
    • By Rigel
      More WHFRP-suitable characters I forgot to post in October! Sheriff Drumfasser, 44018, is a fine officious Authority Figure. With his fancy hat and proclamation, he could also do duty as a magic-user of some kind. Gave him a green color scheme; it's not ideal but I wanted to color-code my monster hunters.

      More shots: 

      And Brother Hammond, the mendicant friar. Warm browns and yellowish tans. 
      More turnaround:
      And of course, ACTION SHOTS! 

      Who doesn't love reading incantations from crumbling vellum that end in "...by these names I conjure and adjure thee!"? Especially in an unhallowed place shunned by the decent folk of the town, under the moon's maddening light? (Pro tip: Have another scroll ready for abjuring those you have called up; big time-saver there.)

      Guest appearances by a Spirit, 77098, in green, and the Ghoulie Bag female Spectre, in purple. 

      And here's Brother Hammond engaging in theological dialogue with a conflicted monster. You can imagine the soteriological, teleological, and pneumatological difficulties that inhere with a being stitched together from half-a-dozen corpses and brought to grotesque life in a parody of both creation and resurrection--and that's not even considering the crisis of identity. If any monster needs pastoral counseling (or, indeed, would be willing to listen and able to keep up), it's Frankenstein's. 

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