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2020 Board Game Challenges

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I set myself a few challenges this year. Some have been met, some are close, and others aren’t going to happen. I figure I should start looking at the year 2020 and trying to plan out some choices. The app to track it all will be BG Stats.


My thought is that it is a fun incentive to try and target certain things. For instance, this year I set these challenges:

365 plays

52 new games to me

10x10 auto fill for each of my wife and two kids

10x10 hardcore for me (pick the 10 games before starting)


My current H Index is a 17, so going with a goal of an H index of 20 in 2020 seems like an obvious one to add that should be easily attainable. Part of me is tempted to shift away from a 10x10 to a 20x5 to match the 2020 theme. This one should be a big year for shifts in games too. Both my kids are reading now, albeit one is not too strong yet. It should open up more games for us to play as a family. We can already handle Azul and King of Tokyo, but the older one is now playing Legendary and Cthulhu Wars.


Another temptation is to try and play a large majority of my games in the calendar year. We have quite a few now. This wouldn’t be an easy task.


Before I start choosing games out I thought I would post here and see what other people might be doing.

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Best of luck to you!  I widh i had the energy i used to when it comes to playing but these days just about everything i play i have to explain and with the drugs I take I get tired really easily.


Can't wait to see what you are playing this year!

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I did very poorly on my 2019 challenge, so my 2020 challenge is to simply play more board games - and more minis games - in general.   We're redoing the basement next month, and hopefully, when all is said and done, I should have space and time to play games again.


Over the holiday break, I expect to get in some games of various flavors of Pandemic, and maybe some Boss Monster, Settlers of Catan, and maybe Agricola.

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I have been trying to get a 10x10 or 20x5 list together and have been struggling to narrow it down.


Any advice?


Here is a list of some of my games that could reasonably make the cut for one reason or another.


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Lords of Waterdeep and Deep Madness should probably be on this list too.


I can't seem to remove things before adding more, lol.

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So I can work on this in the back of my mind today, here are the games typed out. Next step is to widdle the list down to 20 (nearly cut in half):

Elder Sign


Zombicide Black Plague

Zombicide Green Horde

Deep Madness

Massive Darkness

Clans of Caledonia 

Castle Panic

A Feast for Odin

Kingdom Death


Legendary Marvel

Legendary Firefly

Stuffed Fables

Mice & Mystics



Sushi Go Party


Drop It

Codenames Pictures 

Castles of Burgundy 


Pandemic Legacy 

Arcadia Quest



Cthulhu Wars 

Rising Sun 


Orcs Must Die 

Evil High Priest


DeepWars / ShadowSea 

Song of Blades and Heroes

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Here is what I ended up with:



I think it has a nice variety. Clank and Myth are two that I am not sure if I should have included or not. Oh well...going with this one now. Five plays seems much more feasible than ten for some reason. We will see if that plans out to be true.

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I'd like to have enough table space to leave KDM set up so I can actually play through all the content I have...before a ton of new content shows up in the next year or two...

I was happy that Cthulhu Death May Die could be set up on my coffee table...but that was just the first episode.


Small house problems :) 

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