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?? Release date of... ??

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Uhhhhhhhhhh, yes the CAV... heheheeeeee...


Man, it is across the BattleField and is on top of the Enemy quickly...


Taking damage before you know...



Pilot to Weapons Officer:

"Wow, what was that???"


"What was what, Sir???


"What my Mastodon is now shutting down??"


"By What???"


"Them 4 Itty Bitty Hover Tanks, that are now scooting away from us."

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Spartan has a few miniatures that no matter what the circumstance always come out on top. So I have to dedicate way more fire-power then normal to take out something that should go down real fast. His dice like him. and mine feel that a 1 or a two is adequate for 60% of my rolls.


And yes Spartan, I am scared of those darn things, they do way more then what I would expect them to do.



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