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Horrified - Surrogate Figure finding help request


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So I picked up the board game Horrified, and I really enjoy it.  In short = it's a licensed Universal Monsters co-op game, where you tackle a small handful of the various villains.  Mechanics are decent, the thematic care make it really fun.


Anyhoo... the game comes with 25mm minis for the main villains, plus little standees for everyone else.  These standees include both archetypal hero characters (the professor, the female explorer) or named side-characters from the classic Universal films (Renfield, Fritz, Lucy, etc).  Naturally, I feel the urge to buy figures to replace all the standees.


Most of the figures will be easy to find surrogates for, as they're either based on archetypes or are the foundation of archetypes.  There are 2, however, that I know I'll have issues with...

- The player character known as "The Mayor" is a graceful old woman in a wheelchair.  I know off the bat that will be hard to find.

- Wilbur and Chick (Abbot and Costello's character from Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein) are a single standee as civilians.  That's 2 oddly recognizable delivery men on the same stand.  lol


So yeah, if you have any suggestions on what I could use for these characters - it would be greatly appreciated.  =)  thanks

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Oracle, with some touch ups, might do well.


Sherrif Drumfasser (44018) and Reeve Irremborg Planomap (44019),  both available in Bones, might be representative enough but I'm not sure about their clothing.  While appropriate for a village mob, it's not very Abbott and Costello.  Max Decker, Private Eye (50051) might work for Chick after you file the butt-end of his pistol off.  The Pulp Era Professor (80073) could be OK for Wilbur.  If you felt like modding, you could even do a full head of hair on him.  The book is a bit out of place, though.

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