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The Undying King is a nameless monarch from a long forgotten kingdom, whose quest for immortality saw him and his subjects turned into war machines conscripted to fight an endless war.


(In actuality this is Katakros - Mortarch of the Necropolis from Games Workshop)


Eventually the whole thing will look like this:-





Just not as well painted.


But at the moment it looks like this:-




I probably could have done with leaving things in even more bits (painting the inside of those capes is going to be a nightmare), but that's a problem for future me.

Starting on the base:-




Did all the grey rocks with a basecoat of Cold Grey, a wash of Black Wash and drybrushes of Cold Grey and Ghost Grey.


There's some rocks I want to do as a blue-grey, that's the next task.

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Added some blue stony areas.

These are a base of 1:1 Steel Grey/Cold Grey, given a Black Wash and then drybrushes of 1:1 Steel Grey/Cold Grey and 1:1 Steel Grey/Ghost Grey.


Next, I want to do the rest of the pillar and the mosaic areas in reds, blues and yellows. Hopefully it won't get too colourful.

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Added some colour.

There's areas of Ochre Yellow, Scarlett Red and Magic Blue all mixed with an equal part of Cold Grey to dull them down. They then got a Black Wash and a light drybrush of Cold Grey.


The dirt is next, that's the last bit that needs drybrushing.

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Just dirt made for boring piccys, so I've done dirt and bones!

The dirt is Leather Brown, drybrushed with Iraqi Sand and covered in Brown Wash.

While the bones started with a basecoat of Iraqi Sand, given a Brown Wash, highlighted with Iraqi Sand and Bonewhite, then given a Sepia Wash and the teeth were painted the same but with Ochre Yellow mixed in.


Just a few odds and ends to pick out now, then I can start on the first skellington, Parchment Guy.

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Finished the base.

There were some Bronze bits I gave a Verdigris wash (I think I thinned it down too much though, one day I'll get the ratio right), some rusty bits I used my Rust paints on, and a battered shield I did in Turquoise and Sick Green.


Now on to the first member of the Court, Parchment Guy:-




Who is rather hard to photograph.

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Great progress.


I would like to say something about the bones, though. From my point of view, they are way too dark and way to yellow/brown. It's the first thing I notice and look at. A distraction from the originally intended center, which are the figures.


Maybe a light softening of the tone might be a good idea.



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Personally I love the bone colour, it's very natural looking to me. I'd add some more highlights, though, all over the base - bones, stones, rock. Selected spots like edges, highest points, cracks etc. Also, with minis placed on the base I don't think that bones would steal too much attention.

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The base bones did turn out a bit yellower than planned (should have thinned that Sepia Wash), but I did want them to look older and different to contrast with all the "new" bones the Court itself are made from.

Hopefully it should all work out in the end.






Painted his skirt.

This was done with a base of Hexed Lichen, shaded with 1:2 Black/Hexed Lichen and highlighted with 1:2 and 1:4 Hexed Lichen/Warlord Purple.


Annoyingly, I also discovered I've assembled him with his parchment upside down :down:

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4 hours ago, aku-chan said:

Annoyingly, I also discovered I've assembled him with his parchment upside down :down:


He is trying to shake the knowledge out of it - or maybe a bug.


But it seems you are prone to making something like this happen. I remember there was another figure you assembled in ... a unique way - wasn't that the girl with the shovel or so? ::D:

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On 1/4/2020 at 4:16 AM, SisterMaryNapalm said:


He is trying to shake the knowledge out of it - or maybe a bug.


But it seems you are prone to making something like this happen. I remember there was another figure you assembled in ... a unique way - wasn't that the girl with the shovel or so? ::D:


I remember that one.

I thought she was holding something behind her back, but she was meant to be pointing forward in mid-spellcast ::(:

I really should look at pictures of these things before I glue them.







Painted all the bone bits (1:1 Iraqi Sand/Bonewhite > Brown Wash > 1:1 Iraqi Sand/Bonewhite > Bonewhite), but this looked kinda boring.

You see, this particular faction are skeletons wearing armour made of bone (and sometimes proper metal armour on top of that), it looked quite cool in the store pics (see 1st post), but in hand not so much.

So I went back over the more armour plate-like parts and painted them brass (Leather Brown > Brassy Brass > Brown Wash > Brassy Brass > 1:2 Brassy Brass/Polished Gold).

Parchment Guy looks more interesting now, but I don't know if this will look right on the others who are already wearing metal armour, or the King himself who doesn't have very much distinction between his armour bone and skeleton bone parts.


Gonna have to do some thinking.

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Finished Parchment Guy.

He got a scroll bag (Red Leather > 1:1 Red Leather/Ochre Yellow > Brown Wash with Ochre Yellow string), scrolls (1:1 Cork Brown/Bonewhite > 1:1:1 Cork Brown/Bonewhite/Off-white with Bronze knobs) and a Bronze and Brassy Brass amulet.

Once the varnish dries I'll attach him to the base.


Next up, Bird Guy:-




First job, painting the inside of his birdcage so I can finish assembling it.

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