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Year 3 in Review (Pic heavy)


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The year is winding down and it looks like I wont get any painting time till after the new year. So it makes now the perfect time to take a step back and review this year's progress.


I managed to make quite a bit of terrain this year. I couldn't sell a single piece at the craft fair it was made for but it certainly did its job of drawing people in for a closer look. My local shops however will soon be getting an infusion of bunkers and scatter terrain; so it worked out.



Then of course there are the pieces I couldn't part with like these three. They will be staying and now that we have a house I actually have room for a little bit of terrain. 



I also managed to build and find some new scatter pieces.



It was also a great year for vehicles as I finished all my Guard vehicles and even made a few.



The Guard also had an influx of characters, psykers, and special weapons too.



I also created my first joke squad, the "Fabulous" squad. These are great for playing against people with no sense of humor.



Not as many mooks were finished though. I'm honestly surprised the number isn't higher.



My wife's orks recieved some reinforcements too.20191224_123915.thumb.jpg.a770b29e764ab9a384325dd55ca5023a.jpg


I even came really close to clearing out my box of shame, just a few more to go. We'll just have to ignore the large plastic tote of figures under the desk from the last Bones kickstarter.



Though it's not about output I did take the time to run the numbers. 




16 big pieces

35 scatter pieces



92 Guardsmen 

26 Orks

45 Random figures



10 Guardsmen vehicles


So there's certainly been an increase from last year's 75 and the first year's 13. Its a lot more than that though, one of the real joys of this hobby is the tangible results. Not only did I get to relax and de-stress by painting I can actually point to a small mountain of plastic and say, "I did that".


Just like last year there has also been an increase in quality and confidence. I don't see myself winning any awards and I still have a ton to learn but I've definitely improved. Now all I need to do is start trying to create "clean" looking models instead of constantly using a black wash as the finishing step.


*Note though some of the models may not if fact be the actual models from this year I did my best. Its hard to pull the exact model when they all look the same. 


*I've also made a note to keep a log this year instead of combing through posts trying to figure out everything I painted.

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