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Corpse Flower mini? Anything?

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About the only thing I've found is the Creeper Vine from Pathfinder Battles but it's a medium size mini. CF is also a large based creature. I've thought about putting 3 or 4 of those onto a large base & going with that but I'm open to options. I could use the Dragon Plant in Bones but I've used that mini already for a creature & to me, it just doesn't fit the description as well as I'd like. Death Star Lillies in Bones would be nice but again, too small.




Corpse Flower:


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Just now, Glitterwolf said:

Stick Death Star Lilies and a few Cthons on this one?




Or this one?




Shub is way to big for this one. Shub fits on a 4 or 5 inch bases easily. The other one is a nice base thou. Options are nice to have.


I found a set of AL adventures set in the Moonshae Isles (Forgotten Realms). Pretty hefty encounters but I think it'll be a fun adventure for all involved. Orc variants, formorian giants, & a shadow dragon!

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6 minutes ago, TheAuldGrump said:

Not exactly what you wanted, but how to Make Your Own.


The Auld Grump


I'll take a look as I don't mind DiY minis. This set of adventures would be a way off anyways. Even thou it's AL, the characters are in Hillsfar & I have 2 more trilogies I wanna run before I even think about this one. Being in the Moonshae Isles & such I do think about travel times between adventures.

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51 minutes ago, criticalhit said:

I believe that the Dragon Plant is large sized: https://www.reapermini.com/miniatures/77505


Once I receive the Fan Favorites Expansion from Bones V, I plan to use 923: Whispering Ghoulsbane for one.


Yah I know its large & I thought about that but I used that for anther plant creature & I dont feel like using it again so soon. I'll either DIy or use @Werkrobotwerk idea. It'll be bit before they hit this adventure so I have time.

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Well it appears there is a actual mini coming in the newest prepainted set  (the Eberron themed set being released next month)




Works for me!! (Helps I won't be running these adventures for quite a bit of time anyways, so the set should be out in time).

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