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    • By TGP
      I started this little guy on a Saturday. At a paint day. At a certain factory...

      This is where he got to in about 4 hours worth of work. Need to finish the sword.
      The lad at the factory store went in the back and dug through bins to find one with a nice, straight, unbent sword. So, I figured this one ought to be left stock and unconverted.
    • By Sylverthorne
      Alright. So, I decided I was going to play too. Why not? It's fun, and Mr. Bold is not large. Very relaxing, after Khanjira. >.>
      Anyway. We all know what the original looks like, so... on to the modification!
      My GS-fu is still pretty weak, but I pulled some out and mushed it about and began sculpting a credible pepper over Mr. Bold's sword. Because, really, why cut it off if it provides a functional armature?!

      After some wrapping and squishing and delicate tool use (I suspect one of said tools is visible there in the background), I had the start of a functional sort of pepper. And not even too long. Although I realized that I was going to have to add some more to the base...
      So, I did.

      And then I glued Mr. Bold to a handle (I use soda bottle lids, myself), and tweaked his pepper a little bit. Thickened the end, trimmed some bits off his sword so that it better approximates a stem, that sort of thing. Ready to paint! Just need to get some primer on the green stuff, because I sort of had it in my head that to be properly seasoned, the pepper has to be red. >.>
    • By Tricksay
      Another contest entry...finished. Kinda almost gave up on this one...but finally finished it.
      The contest's theme of trying a unique lighting concept, in this case Split Lighting was perfect for the Dracula figure - ala the old black and white movie "Boris Karloff" concept.
      Never have tried using a monochrome, only used Reaper MSP - Pure Black and Pure White.
      Think I may have tried one too many "new" techniques, all at the same time! For the photo, I just used a fully lighted light box. Probably would look good with an all black background, but I didn't have one and wasn't too sure what settings I'd have to do to the camera...
      I've chalked it up to a learning experience.

      C& C please and thank-you!
      Thanks for looking.
    • By Tricksay
      I've listened to the song, The Dark Side, by the Hillbilly Hellcats for over 6 years...
      and after completely modifying the Ghoul Queen to fit what I thought it said...I find out I've been singing the last lines wrong!
      Oh well at least I picked up some experience and played with some techniques....
      But come on the last lines totally sounds like "tea" not tune!

      This is the first "Bones edition" I've done, good for customizing, but I think I still like Reaper metals better....
    • By catdancer
      FIGURE...REAPER (# 02321)
      TITLE...Uruk-Hai (Black Orc)
      NOTE...Figure is entry in (Painting Excuses Jan-Feb 2014 - Single Entry Thread)
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