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Greetings all!

I had a fun idea for a mini that I need for an upcoming game, so I decided to DIY it. So this will be my

DIY Ochre Jellies 

I’m using white gorilla glue, the kind that foams up, and a bent safety pin. As it begins to dry I moved the “blob” up along the pin to gain some vertical height. The white will be an ok under coating, and I’ll paint it up tomorrow once it finishes drying. I’ll snip the end of the safety pin off before painting too. 1722991D-3E57-47C7-9A9C-5629AAA421BD.jpeg.8c937de09327c1736903fec418dc8e7a.jpeg0CAA1D90-74CE-4E9F-ABBD-DA803B892F73.jpeg.bb095835da5c2761aad6080a484281f5.jpeg1B5625E0-F13E-46B6-BD77-A7CD5133B678.jpeg.9bb698ef5f388b747089c5b415793ea5.jpeg1D6F8400-0B60-44F2-A930-E90A838557A1.thumb.jpeg.cea01d300fd1c66212c2a036aef57b23.jpeg

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I let my son paint the other one, he is 9 and this was his first "mini" to paint. He was very excited and is looking forward to painting more in the future :)


1 hour ago, Disciple of Sakura said:

I think these two images look amazing.

Thanks! I probably should have stopped at that point, but I didn't. I used an super watered down black wash to bring out the details. 

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1 hour ago, Generic Fighter said:

This reminds me of this amazing DM i had for Adventure Leage. We fought ouchre Jellies and he broke out the Play-Doh and used it for them. When they split, he pulled the playdoh apart for the new ones!



...that would have been much easier and now I wish I had thought of that LMAO

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