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2019 is dead! Long live 2020!(Jan Hobbly goals)

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Yearly Goals: 

Finish Bones3 Core set.   (41 remaining) 

Impressionist style Lizardmen (6) 

Paint a bust 

Paint KDM monster - Dragon King, Dung Beetle Knight  and/or Nightmare Ram 

Canvas Landscape


attend reapercon 


January goals 

2 lizardmen in the style of Claude Monet 

2 lizardmen in a pointillist style 

2 other bones3 

assemble nightmare ram 


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Top Posters In This Topic

On 1/2/2020 at 5:51 AM, Rob Dean said:

For January, I need to work on the French Revolution, and I’d like to work on my retro-Middle Earth project, and the 1/72 scale Portable Fantasy project.  Three is really already too many to use the word “concentrate”, but that’s what I feel like doing now.  By the 31st it will probably change...

It’s mid-month check in time.


I haven’t done anything with the French Revolution, but I have done 32 retro-Middle Earth goblins and orcs, and ~20 1/72 scale figures for Bronze Age or Fantasy, with basing in process on some of the latter. If I stopped for the month today, it would still be a pretty decent month. 

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On 12/31/2019 at 9:35 AM, kristof65 said:

My goal for 2020 is to get at least one minis game unit, one terrain piece and one RPG related mini painted each month.  For January, the RPG mini is a Pegasus conversion I'm doing using 77029 Silverhorn Unicorn and the wings from 77576 Female Sphinx. Haven't decided on the unit or terrain piece yet. 

I'm progressing nicely this month, which is surprising. Probably because it's too cold to want to go anywhere. 

I got my minis game unit done:



And my terrain piece done:

Now all I need to do for January is finish an RPG related mini.   One would think that a single mini would be easy, especially when I have a druid in the party who likes to shape shift a lot, but I can't seem to stay focused on any one mini.  I think I've started 8 this month. 

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Year goals: Clear the Shelf of Shame; make Lilienthal flying machine from Wyrmgear wings and other bits, collect plant creatures and prehistorics.
January goals: Finish a scenario I'm working on, finish Nolzur's Tortles, Bones Pack Tortoise and WWWOz Scarecrow, Stonehaven Elf Librarian, some  more Hydra Valkeeri, take pictures of completed things. 

Already finished: Nolzur Grungs (poison-dart-frog people), Grenadier Swamp Dragon, Statuesque Soviet lady, Stonehaven halfling gardener, automaton, Hydra Galacteers modified with GW bitz, Bones Victorian Ladies, physician, ship hand, WWWOz Tinman, Coffin. 

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So, my goals in no particular order...



--Finally finish Box of Many Things Modified Medusa and send it out.

--get new laptop to 100% updated and ready.

--Listen to January 20th Episode of "A Necessary Evil" Podcast without utter agony from hearing my own voice coming from somewhere other than the middle of my head [Seriously, I sound like I'm 12 to the rest of the universe:( ]



--Go to GenCon

--Reach Level 43

--Run for elected office

--Get elected

--Fist Fight a Deity

--Walk away after Fist Fight with a Deity

--Hopefully after Winning that Fist Fight with a Deity

--Watch a Demon Lord bleed out at my feet

--have one or more Devil Kings beg me on their knees for mercy they will never recieve

--have the very thought of my existence cause Greater Fey to tremble in fear

--figure out how baking works

--try to bake cookies from family recipes

--eat lightning

--continue discovering how cats work

--beat three classic video games I've never beaten before

--Create a Super Fighting Robot

--Treat Super Fighting Robot as Son or Daughter

--Finally play the Mega Man Zero/ZX series due to collection




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-Take and post pics of 2019 minis

-Compete with at least one mini

-Help my 9yo daughter up her mini painting skills

-Paint a board game mini set, not sure which yet

-Paint more than 2019 (which may have been the most so far)

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So this is for January 2020 (yes I just pulled across what I was supposed to do in December), can't think about the whole year just yet, but I'll get there.


Finish the two mini's I was supposed to finish before December started (I did these, I can't remember when but it must have been before today)

1. Eyebeast

2. Dark Iron Dwarf Pounder


Christmas Ones (Somehow I added to this list)

1. Father Christmas

2. Christmas Fairies

3. Santa Mousling and Helper


The partway through and I'm sick of it and want it off my desk mini's

1. Twin Sorcerers - One Red, One Green Finished these two off today!

2. Were-crocodile

3. Baron Blacktree

4. Studious Sophie

5. Chibi Paladin (lots of progress)

6. Half Orc Mage


Chibi Skeleton (I finger painted!)

Edited by Sibling
Rats don't count, they were done in December
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If figured, sure let's put down some goals so I can miss them!


Clean and organize hobby corner: in progress (for the last several months)

Paint and organize dungeon tiles: complete

Paint Starfinder figure:

Paint Dungeon scatter pieces: there are many, will have to keep a running total


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On 1/1/2020 at 5:40 AM, ratsmitglied said:

Finish my WarGods Amazon warband for Cancon (kind of have to do this as it is on 26 Jan)



Assuming I get that done I'll try and get started on something else!

And it's DONE...well, done enough that I'm not going to look at them again for a while.


So now I've achieved my goal for the month I can take a few days off....and tidy up my office (which I've been working on today, it now looks like even more of a mess even though some stuff has actually been put away!)


Plan for the rest of 2020 is to do more painting than I did in 2019, which shouldn't be hard as I've already equalled my efforts for 2019! To be more specific, I'm planning to make some hobby time every week, which may be painting, may be assembling models and it may be tidying my office.


I'm also planning on getting my online warband builder for WarGods finished (next month's hobby goal) which is entirely driven by the fact the Olympus book is finally due for release and I've been 'working' on it for 14 months...finally got the primary functionality in place, just have to do the rest!

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On 1/2/2020 at 5:51 AM, Rob Dean said:


For January, I need to work on the French Revolution, and I’d like to work on my retro-Middle Earth project, and the 1/72 scale Portable Fantasy project.  Three is really already too many to use the word “concentrate”, but that’s what I feel like doing now.  By the 31st it will probably change...

So, when I headed out this morning, I left glue drying on three bases of Bronze Age Libyans and a little demon (Bones Hordeling), and I have every expectation of spraying them with the final varnish coat this evening and therefore logging them as a January accomplishment. 



That should bring me to 79 figures for the month; 44 vintage Minifigs orcs and goblins, 33 Bronze Age Libyans and Egyptians in 1/72, and 2 Bones Hordelings as 1/72 Portable Fantasy demons. That would make it the best month in a while..in fact it’s pushing toward half of 2019’s overall output. So I won’t expect to do it again next month, when I really need to get cracking on 40mm French Revolution figures. 

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