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Bones 44082 :: Frulla's Cave Bear :: A Thrym Project :: #LhasaApso


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WIP of the Cave Bear from Bones IV's Prehistoric Expansion.  I did not get this expansion so I recently picked up the Stone Giants and the Cave Bear from a gift certificate to Reaper Miniatures.  When I saw this I had ear-marked this to do the base in a similar method to Frulla Krung's base.

To achieve that I added the bark next to the integrated base as well as a pumice piece and then using baking soda and super glue I added the snow and ice.

For Frulla's base I used the BSI Thin Insta-Cure super glue and baking soda.  That made the ice easier to form over the rocks.  I will prolly add that after painting as well.






The base is built from cork with a plastic card (fake credit card sent in the mail) in between the top and bottom.  It provides a nice rigidity to the cork.


This Cave Bear will get a paint job of grays with a tan crescent under his chin and a tan snout.


I've downloaded a ton of pictures of different bears to see where the colors shift along the bear to get a better color along the bear's length and over its head.


Enjoy and Stay tuned.

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Bear got some paint.  I gave him a basecoat of Reaper Desert Stone which will be the crescent across his chest and his snout.  Then I applied Reaper Dungeon Gray over that to get the primary color of his fur.






As you can see in the second picture, I have to even out the first coat and then I want to add some blue tones to the fur.  Similar to the black to blue tones of the black bears.



Yes, I know the above picture is of a taken bear.  


The blue tones show how the fur picks up the natural light and reflects it.  I plan to attempt to include those types of highlights in his fur.


Enjoy and Stay tuned!



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