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Various Red Translucent Bones (SKU 77080, 77081, 77082, 77083)

Dr Boom

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I need the large elemental for one of the later encounters in Shadows of Gallowspire, however I figured I would paint all of the red ones up while I was in the mood to paint flame.


I'd avoided these for a while as I was unsure on how to proceed with the red translucent material. Normally when working with translucents I like to start with either colourless or the base colour, which for flame is usually yellow. I then layer and drybrush on orange and steadily darker reds towards the tips of the flames, finishing up with a light highlight of black. In this case, the material is already red. However I experimented with thinning down some rich yellow (Citadel's Yiriel Yellow) and applying it only to the hollows, following that up with some thinned down white to the bases of the flames and the deepest crevices. I then just highlighted with some progressively darker reds and black is usual. A quick and dirty method, but I'm happy with the results.


77080 Wall of Fire



77081 Burning Sphere



77082 Large Fire Elemental

LargeFireElementalBones01Forum.jpg77083 Medium Fire Elemental



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